General Administration of sport with the intervention of domain name registration

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IT Times reporter Qian Lifu

registered domain name after the Olympic champion why need Sports Administration approval? Inference according to this logic, whether literary celebrities, the domain name to the approval of the Ministry of culture? Film circles and the need for domain name registration approved by SARFT


Olympic Games has been more than half, looking at the five-star red flag rise again and again and again, the national anthem played, Chen Xiexia, and Liu Zige, the Olympic champion Xian Dongmei name deeply engraved in the minds of people. There is no doubt that these names will naturally become the cybersquatters (commonly known as "corn") in favor of object. CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center) recently issued a statement is to "corn" poured a bucket of cold water, said the application of Olympic champion domain name registration required by the State Sports General Administration approval. As SARFT initiated CMMB mobile phone network testing questions, people are wondering what is given by General Administration of sports management domain name registration authority


domain name cybersquatting Olympic champion is not fresh things, in the 2004 Athens Olympics, Tully, Wang Yifu, Tian Liang, Lao Lishi, Li Ting, the champion’s name has been registered. With the warning, the General Administration of sport in the Olympic Games before the start of the The early bird catches, registered the former Olympic champion and a large number of athletes participating in the domain name.

Sports General Administration in advance of the practice of registration is reasonable, is to respect the principle of "first apply for registration" principle. However, after the opening of the Olympic Games, Chen Xiexia is still the CN domain name registered by the success of "corn". What they thought was CNNIC, then these domain names will recover, presented to the General Administration of sport, and issued a statement: "the State Sports General Administration at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games Center sent a letter to me before, requirements had not yet been registered at the Olympic Games champion name, if it is filed, it shall obtain the national sports the administration agreed. At the date of the written application of the State Sports General Administration, at that time, all unregistered Olympic champion domain name has entered a strict audit status. Without the consent of the State Sports General Administration, the application will be rejected in the process of artificial audit."

issues emerge, since the General Administration of sport before the Olympic Games to CNNIC issued a letter, why "successful corn" also registered title name, a reasonable explanation is the default CNNIC. The default should not be registered to take the CNNIC, since the domain name has been registered, should be CNNIC by the method of arbitration to recover the domain name, but not in the case did not inform the forcible recovery.

second, Olympic champion registered domain name why need to go through the Sports Administration approval? Did not explain the statement, the prevailing view is the General Administration of sports management mechanism is the players, so players have the authority of the domain name registration management. However, in accordance with the logic of this, whether the domain name of the literary and artistic circles to be approved by the Ministry of culture, film and television industry domain name registration and SARFT approval?

at the same time, the name is not unique, and the Olympic champion name

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