Second hand clothing shop ThredUp valuation of $500 million

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[Abstract] in the latest round of financing, the site is valued at around $81 million at $500 million.

Recode Chinese station on September 11th reported

online trading industry has been second-hand clothing declined, however, the United States second-hand clothing trade website ThredUp seems to be contrarian, and want to get rid of the negative momentum.

ThredUp is headquartered in San Francisco, mainly engaged in women’s clothing and children’s wear. This site has just been in the latest round of financing, according to the valuation of about $500 million financing of $81 million, the main investment side for the Partners (Goldman Sachs Investment). The amount of financing seems to be so far the largest amount of second-hand clothing trading company financing.

currently, ThredUp CEO James · Ryan Hart (James Reinhart) still refused to part of the funds and the valuation of the company whether to use the financing to repurchase early investors or employee equity matters such as comment. So far, the total amount of financing ThredUp has more than 125 million U.S. dollars, investors include Upfront Ventures, Trinity Ventures, Highland Capital Partners and Redpoint Ventures, etc..

Ryan Hart said by e-mail, part of the funds of the latest round of financing obtained will be used to add at least two storage centers, but also will be used to further support more advertising activities. ThredUp currently has two storage centers. Ryan Hart said, "at present, we have the best business other people unheard of."

ThredUp currently belongs to a start-up company, the company is working to promote the concept of second-hand online store transactions, while also trying to create second-hand clothing trade into the mainstream industry. ThredUp company claims that in all ThredUp customers, more than 1/3 of the customer’s household income of more than $100 thousand.

According to market research firm

GSIP private investment co director ThredUp new director Ian · Friedman (Ian Friedman) said in a statement, "previously, the vast majority of customers are tracking brand negative bias in the purchase of second-hand clothing but now ThredUp was proved to be able to change the bias of consumers. We found that more than half of the ThredUp customers in the year before becoming ThredUp customers, almost did not buy the original does not belong to their second-hand clothing."

Many innovative

ThredUp many coveted this round of financing in this industry enterprises.

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