The industry said the Jingdong to expand overseas business difficult where the overseas station fail

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Beijing in May 23, the domestic electricity supplier competition, industry chiefs have focused on the overseas market, hoping to contribute to the company’s profits through cross-border business "". The passage of time, the electric shock network founder, senior electricity supplier Gong Wenxiang recently broke the news that the Jingdong, where the overseas station has basically failed".

electricity supplier get together overseas Amoy business opportunities

2010, the domestic electricity suppliers have coveted foreign markets. Where the customer is first, dream bazaar and other B2C platform set up shop in eBay, with multinational retail business. Then, we set up warehouse in Vietnam and call center, distribution and payment is provided by the local partner ECPAY in Vietnam; then, Jingdong mall also low-key start English website domain name, sales categories including books, household appliances, digital products such as 3C, Australia, Canada, Leah for the United States and other 35 countries and in the sale of commodities, has become the first overseas Chinese large B2C site to try.

electricity supplier chiefs why look overseas, the domestic small foreign trade platform, Bu Kaijun, President of China manufacturers revealed the secret. He said that foreign trade e-commerce profits generally higher than domestic e-commerce 10%-20%, individual product profits can reach 100%. A foreign trade electricity supplier team of 100 people a month profit Dangdang net profit."


Chinese domestic electricity supplier looks beautiful, but is already a saturated market. According to the monitoring China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the first half of 2012, Chinese domestic e-commerce environment began to deteriorate, most of the electricity supplier practitioners trading growth started to slow down, or even negative growth, and lower profits, even without profit. And some areas of foreign trade, it is still clear blue ocean.

in addition, really buy nets deputy general manager Fang Yu accepted "Southern Metropolis Daily" in an interview last year when he said, "now, do the best of the three regions of Russia, Southeast Asia, South America and the foreign trade business, where the business enterprise rarely, unlike the domestic electricity business competition is so intense. He also believes that the electricity supplier to do cross-border retail is undoubtedly into the blue ocean market".

overseas gold rush just looks beautiful

in fact, the electricity supplier to develop overseas business is also facing a lot of risks. Gong Wenxiang said, with respect to the choice of domestic Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon and other rich channels, selective trade channels far, only eBay, with speed and independent store only a few main channels, and pay a monopoly by paypal. In the face of more "unreasonable" rules, e-commerce trade practitioners can only be the meat on the chopping block.

last year, Jingdong has just launched the English language station, Shi Tao, vice president of Jingdong mall has predicted that in three years, Jingdong overseas business revenue to achieve $100 million. But since then, Jingdong overseas business no longer heard. Until yesterday, Zhejiang foreign service company executives search Department

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