Wang Changjiang traditional enterprises do network marketing mistakes

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with the popularity of e-commerce, a large number of traditional enterprises to enter the Internet industry hope to open up a new sales channels, on the one hand it is a kind of progress, because they have begun to realize the importance of network marketing through the Internet, and began to actively practice, however, because already accustomed to the traditional enterprise management mode the idea of the next line, there are a lot to do network marketing need to learn and to pay attention to, after the traditional enterprise network marketing in practice found that the effect is not good when they imagine, what does the reason where


does not fly command requires reliable results

one of my friends was set up in a traditional Internet business department as a SEO grade (now from the company turnover), reason for leaving the company is that the company gave him a set of assessment criteria is to optimize the 100 long tail keywords to Baidu home in a month’s time to make up. The reward of 200 yuan, do not go down 200, but only the Department of SEO he a person, within one month of 100 new long tail keywords and all optimization to Baidu home page, a very reliable assessment criteria, in the absence of resources and investment, seowhy only received such a task can not be completed, no way had to try to friends friends on the basis of the rest of the way to deal with, so he put all sorts of things together to find enough 100 words, 200 yuan reward honor, but he did not think The second month mission is to optimize the 200 long tail word to Baidu home page, double task, time has not changed or one month, make up the reward 500, do not go down 500, and ask how much how much traffic, this is really crazy, God didn’t work. Hear here, I have no language. I told him that if you have this ability that resign to do it yourself, find yourself a good product, may get hundreds of difficult long tail words do Baidu home, does not want to profitability is difficult, finally, the website of the product is a lucrative industry product competition, all related to long tail words are very large, concrete what to do, don’t tell you where the Yangtze river.

analysis: this task if the company has a small team (2-3 people can arrange the content and construction respectively), the purchase of the chain, the site itself and then a slight weight, to meet the requirements is not possible, I know a game in Jinshan Department SEO management friends, his total there are three people, but every day through the SEO long tail keywords bring traffic up to three hundred thousand, I was very surprised and asked what they do, because they had less manpower, so three SEO staff is only responsible for the analysis of long tail keywords and deploy well within the chain on the site, the chain construction special funds to buy out, rarely take the initiative to send the chain, they definitely staffing shortage, and the purchase of the chain of investment is not large.

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