Taobao box Taobao store application analysis Amoy doctor

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now this society, life is difficult, more difficult to do Taobao as a seller, the seller is even more Taobao earning large quantities of gold each day. Daily trivial things make Taobao three Taobao worry sellers not to mind taking the trouble, shop sellers every day, a worry baby pictures turn red cross; two sorrow and other stores Links status to "single" without their sorrow; three N long transaction problem never baby but can not find the reason, let the sellers think not the solution. A sound of thunder loudly, born in the Taobao sound box as cheerful as a lark, Amoy doctor as Taobao box 30 Taobao entered the sellers’ sight, sellers’ daily three sorrow can also be smoothly done or easily solved.


Amoy doctor is the first Taobao store detection applications, is a very professional and practical seller tools. Simple operation, rapid detection of various problems stores a key scan function, and the doctor will make a professional assessment of the Amoy shop at present "condition" and scoring, to provide users with a detailed report, the user can easily grasp the sellers shop situation.

doctor to provide an appointment and regular physical examination. If you set the booking, you can lock the store time and accurate detection of health examination, the inspection report is sent to your mailbox settings or in the form of text messages to your mobile phone, more humane. At the same time you can set up a regular cycle of physical examination shop, which set a fixed number of days every week, which time the physical examination of your shop, set up a long term can be effective, from the beginning of the second day can be a regular physical examination. Like booking, regular physical examination and physical examination report is sent by mail or SMS to the seller, the seller will be able to master the regular store, a strategist.


Amoy doctor’s image detection function. Can detect the error and the error images, image analysis, image type, tell the number of pictures, pictures of the household errors causes, access speed, image service providers and other important information, but also can test the wrong picture, and can upload the correct picture to replace the wrong picture. Amoy doctor can also be a single map detection, and the image management. Image inspection module can also be exported to the suffix Excel XLS image detection report document.

Amoy doctor also has a Taobao shop link check and baby transaction checks. Baby trading examination results to those who do not normal for a long time have never traded baby out of the baby for baby shelf / shelves, cancel the operation recommended / recommended window.

Amoy as the most valuable application of the seller by the seller of Taobao’s praise. There is reason to believe that the doctor in the near future, in the Taobao sellers play a more and more important role in the shop, is bound to set off a new round of innovation in Taobao.

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