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for electronic commerce, now the enterprise has been self-evident, the traditional enterprise when it comes to people’s consumption habits from traditional habits to the Internet over, you will feel puzzled and confused, factors of this phenomenon oxytocin is nothing more than the rapid development of the internet. Such a transformation is like a major revolution in history. Behind every revolution will herald a new rise of the prosperity of another class, class decline! Compared to these, the Internet revolution, is only the equivalent of bourgeois revolution, the spirit of the best selection, the principle of survival of the fittest, the enterprise competition in the Internet as a war without smoke at all for to understand this, industry colleagues know, this industry has spawned numerous industries, countless millions of millionaires… Today, the Internet has been developing for decades, it has become more mature, the understanding of the Internet is not stay in the chat, play games, but with such a platform to do business, learn! With more and more low people learned to surf the Internet, joined the network army, that is the traditional store disappear, because love fool operation and consumption is decided by our original inertia, perhaps you don’t agree, but this is a fact, so as a business, if you don’t want to be eliminated by the times than the Internet, you must understand him, with the help of this platform for career development. I believe that many companies are now already penetrated into the line, but for Internet marketing is still frustrated, so how to grasp the e-commerce marketing? We reached


first: the integration of traditional marketing and network marketing

traditional marketing market is still a very heavy proportion of the amount of transactions for some want to be large, it is still difficult to break away from the traditional marketing model, such as large cars. In view of this situation, so we’ll need to make an integration of marketing, first of all, we must understand what is the characteristics of the enterprise, what is the face of the customer groups, how the company’s enterprise culture construction, so as to understand the overall situation, we can make an antidote against the disease, integrated marketing solutions for different enterprises.

people to buy a commodity are unlikely to see the first commodity will choose, it is mankind’s common psychology, psychologists have had to be such an experiment, is to let his students through the rye, pick one of the largest wheat, only advance no retreat, psychologists in another of his students first terrace the result, as can be imagined, to the end of the quickie. The same reason people in the purchase of the product must be to look at a variety of similar products for comparison, different brands, different prices, etc., to find the most suitable for their own. Well, people’s understanding of such characteristics, we know that for the previous number of people now buy a product like before go directly to the store, but the Internet search queries, such as: buy a car good? Where the silver car is cheap and so on and so on.

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