Four helpless, grassroots also want to enter the mobile nternet business

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mobile Internet, the concept of maturity in 2010, and this is still just a concept. The first use of mobile phone in the Internet after the college entrance examination in 2007, using the "Monternet" reading to the computer outside the network information. 07 years carrying a backpack to study in Xiamen, but also the first time with a mobile phone installed a Java universal version of QQ. At this point, the mobile Internet is still only one of the students in the classroom to talk about the only way QQ.

up to now, the industry’s friends talk about the mobile Internet, but also stay in the phone to see the news talk about WeChat play games.

after graduation to stay in Xiamen, the home of the students asked about my career, answer the mobile Internet, friends will ask, what is it?. Xiamen is a second tier city, the reason why there is such a mobile Internet environment, mainly in Xiamen software park has a mobile Internet Co quite mature and a lot of good mobile phone game developers, if you do not know, 4399 and tuxiu show here.

but, even so, Xiamen’s mobile Internet environment is still not strong enough. Said a small episode, walking in the 4399 downstairs yesterday, listening to the back of the MM in the speech, one of the MM asked another: This is not the 4399 that the online game. So, the mobile Internet, it’s the ultimate trend is how it can replace the traditional Internet?.

one, the user’s online behavior has not changed

although I am engaged in the mobile Internet industry, but the main work and life platform is still the traditional internet. In Xiamen, looking for a job on the rent will still be classified information network or local portal community; the main way to access the Internet is still at home or in the office computer, the Internet business is not to see the recession; the communication between friends is mainly based on QQ and SMS, of course, there are WeChat and unfamiliar street.

but what about the gun, that are the clouds, see the smile on the past. Although China now has more than 500 million of mobile phone users, the vast majority of smartphone users. However, this 500 million how much is the proportion of the Internet using a mobile phone? Even if most users use the mobile phone online, then who can move these people use mobile Internet and consumer


two, local sites and forums are still the main marketing methods

if you ask a wedding photography boss how to promote local business activities, he will answer you to a certain community to buy an ad. And when you told him you can try WeChat marketing, he will answer you WeChat is mainly chat, but also can not become a marketing climate. We can say that they do not understand this industry, but don’t forget, the mobile Internet will be down to earth, and down to earth, we cannot do without these "do not understand this industry group. Tell me a joke: one of my classmates developed a

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