Light wings CEO Fang Weicheng female entrepreneurs to support e-commerce half of the sky

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December 18th, sponsored by the Shanghai business alliance Anting · Shanghai International Automobile City Information Industry Park and let the world the three anniversary of the Shanghai summit and the 2010 Shanghai network union will be held successfully. The main business alliance leadership, Shanghai relevant government departments (chamber of Commerce Network), electronic commerce and electronic commerce industry experts and scholars from all over the country leader attended the summit. Summit around the keyword "capacity", fully embodies the B2B, B2C, C2C, S2C four network compatibility". More than a thousand people attended the conference.

, by electronic commerce industry, actively promote light wing network technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. CEO Weicheng in the morning presided over the "net detachment of · female entrepreneurs forum" will be the meeting in advance to a climax, live interactive warm, female guests and audience "close contact", the entire venue Italian spring. In the women’s forum guests are famous in the e-commerce industry "superwoman", in their respective areas of plough, they have Daphne group deputy general manager Wang Yufeng, general manager of e-commerce company Lining Lin Li, ten network / Shanghai network alliance alliance network total master / detachment of Founder / Shanghai flowers purple Xin Industrial Co. Ltd. President Wu Changsong, Shanghai network alliance sponsor / deputy general manager of Shanghai kubao refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. Lu Jianjuan, Taobao double de head Song Xulan fairy kingdom golden five.

theme of the conference around "how women how successful entrepreneurs, how to find people looking for money, personal career and family relations" as the core point of discussion, the first Shanghai network alliance total champion Wu Changsong shared her is how to get more than 1 thousand dollars from each month, still owe a debt not less case, through their own hard work, through which a new channel of electronic commerce, in a short span of five years to establish a group company, now a number of subsidiary enterprise, dynamic entrepreneurship is the most essential because of the pressure of survival, have adventures; kubao refrigeration Lu Jianjuan shared how change from the teacher to the merchant’s role, through the Alibaba through e-commerce, four years to make the performance of the company over five times, and when the Alibaba integrity products in CCTV The fairy kingdom de spokesperson; Song Xulan e-businessmen road is relatively smoothly, she stressed that he is "kind of person" very lucky, in 2005 when the thought of selling small things on the Internet, in the Taobao store opened in five years, the brainchild of placid, do today the size of fifty-six people, she that do not for the money to go to work, to have their own ideals; and with respect to the University, Lu Jianjuan, Wu Song Xulan of the three female entrepreneurs, Lin Li and Daphne Lining Wang Yufeng is the occupation manager role, can also be understood as with the enterprise venture together occupation managers. Small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs is different, like Lining, Daphne was founded in the 80 century, in 90s the group, due to a large scale, various resources better, so do the electronic commerce is relatively easy, as long as you find the "Colonel", since the formation of a various aspects "

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