Winter, a fire star endorsement electricity supplier is a way out

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said that the electricity supplier winter night, but Gome’s business Kuba has chosen to start a fire. This year will be the sales from 500 million yuan to 2 billion yuan electricity supplier recently hired to spend huge sums of money, popular articles and Ma Yili as a spokesperson, advertising campaign is triggered at any moment. According to the CEO Wang Zhiquan said, the electricity supplier ended the false start, entered the competition of endurance and confidence on the stage. At this stage, the electricity supplier from the flow control experts, turned to brand marketing experts, and spokesmen is the first step in the brand offensive. Recently, Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan guest chat micro interview, the fire is going to burn to kuba.

users: hire spokesmen is not overnight things, according to the actual time I read articles, Ma Yili hired two contact Kuba Kuba not necessarily human spokesperson later than the Jingdong, where. I want to ask Mr. Wang, the hired spokesperson on this matter, did not go to Kuba vie but only recently announced,

is how to consider?

Wang Zhiquan: business development, but the current electricity supplier industry is in rapid development, service and sales data over satellite bubble, the brand will be the development of the electricity supplier way, hire spokesmen it carefully. As you said, the thing itself is not to hire a short duration of time, we began to prepare to hire spokesmen from long time ago, until the discovery and Kuba image is extremely consistent, the Ma Yili couple was put into action.

users: the electricity supplier of winter, winter is the most heavily engaged in financing, Ma Yili explained, Kuba Kuba funded, but how to burn the fire, don’t have other electricity supplier brand marketing


Wang Zhiquan: "to really want to win with the theme, combined with a lot of Kuba brand manufacturers, the lowest price of 50 percent off in sales of home appliances, also designed many topics related to the Ma couple lottery profits up to tens of millions. This is all in the message: Everything is nothing, promotion is real. You can see from the "fire in the winter," the burning scene.

what is the original intention of the spokesperson Bowser hired Jingdong, where the customer is to follow suit?


Wang Zhiquan: No. The spokesperson for Kuba Kuba choose their own brand strategy about the development of the Internet, Kuba in this virtual world with ease, the network also formed its own brand, is the time from online to offline, the spokesperson is the spokesperson Bowser hired public brand influence to let Kuba in the real world face directly to consumers that presents a realistic image for the public.

users: why please articles and Ma Yili, where they attract Kuba


Wang Zhiquan: the image of horse couple health, sunshine, strong star appeal, the family is also very warm, warm, happy, Kuba product layout is consumers around establishing warm, warm and happy family, so it has consistency. In addition, the couple’s work and life

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