Yao point 100 accused wages nearly half of the official said it is seeking financing.

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Yao point 100 accused wages nearly half of the official said it is seeking financing (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lei Jianping) July 31st news, 2012 to enter the fashion department website B2C Yao point 100 troubles, following the early bankruptcy after the storm, today also suspended site operations, and fall in wages storm. A former employee Xiao Hua (a pseudonym) to Tencent technology, said the company’s staff has been reduced from the beginning of the century to 50 people, in addition, their wages in March has not sent the whole.

it is understood that the Yao point 100 was founded in 2009, is located in fashion department store business, the management team from YAHOO in Taiwan, including CEO Wu Yiming, COO Zhang Tian Hong, executive director Gong Wenbin, general manager of strategic planning office Chen Bingwen. In August 2009, "Yao point 100" Qiming A $40 million round of investment. In May 2010, the Baidu Inc and the fashion brand Daphne $60 million. August 2010, Intel invested 10 million yuan. Yao point 100 peak in the electricity supplier ranked in the top ninth.


Yao point 100 to suspend operations of the official announcement (Tencent technology plan)

, however, since entering 2011, Yao 100 point of the development of the situation is very steep, at the beginning of the rumors Yao Yao point to the bankruptcy of the transfer of 100, a large number of personnel loss, are looking for buyers everywhere. Today, the official website of Yao Yao 100 has been unable to visit, enter the domain name directly after the jump to the official micro-blog. Yao point 100 only in the announcement that will be completed as soon as possible relocation, return to normal operations, but did not disclose the exact time of recovery.

according to one investor said, Yao point 100 will be a large amount of money for the purchase of products, resulting in arrears in IDC spending, encounter each other out of service. Yanhuang network CEO Guan Peng (micro-blog) pointed out that the normal B2C website not because the room relocation closed, not jump to micro-blog, generally have multiple image, even if the room overall relocation announcement page is time.

Guan Peng believes that the direct closure of the site of the Yao point 100 brand impact is very large, the domain name directly after the jump to the official micro-blog move some abnormal.

in addition, Yao point 100 also fell into wages storm. According to the resignation of staff Xiao Hua said that after his departure in April this year, wages in March has not sent the whole, did not get to leave the money, not to mention their more than 1 thousand dollars in reimbursement. From the beginning of this year, the staff can not receive a basic salary."

Xiao Hua said it was negotiating with the original leadership of arrears of wages. "We also hope to be able to tide over the difficulties of 100, need to give the boss a little time." Xiao Hua memories of the 100 days, still

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