Liu Chuanzhi fight the enemy separately own electricity supplier a dead end

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2015 Chinese e-commerce industry big, Internet plus is included in the national strategic level third party power, at the same time, Ali electricity supplier oligopoly to Jingdong as the representative of the force, angle to the upstream and downstream industry chain development, industry vertical electric weak competition more than halved, China e-commerce field is undergoing a new revolution, and had China the traditional manufacturing enterprises once become a business platform supporting how to participate in this revolution, through e-commerce to complete the self transformation, become among the most popular topic.


traditional manufacturing enterprises and the third party business platform is a double-edged sword, short-term benefit, long-term is in outright.

early in the development of electronic commerce, due to the inherent characteristics of manufacturing industry, large-scale from the traditional offline sales channels to online sales is very difficult, with many e-commerce model uncertainties, have chosen low barriers to entry through the third party e-commerce platform for manufacturing enterprises. Only pay a small commission, without large capital investment, you can get rich rewards, third party business platform by most manufacturing enterprises of all ages, many enterprises have set up e-commerce independent, responsible for the enterprises in the third party platform operates stores. However, this cheap "meal", can not indefinitely enjoy it, along with the formation of third party business platform oligarchs, quietly changed the rules of the game have seriously hindered the development of manufacturing enterprises.

brand is slowly weakening, the dominant position of the manufacturing company was completely subversive. By the early manufacturing enterprise profit the inertia of thinking, like a swarm of bees on hold third party business platform, resulting in industry in the same category of products is highly concentrated, the homogenization of competition; coupled with manufacturing enterprises in order to differ from the product line sales channels, have to build a business platform for the sale of sub brand or new exclusive this will lead to consumer confusion. It is impossible to obtain the same brand of the same product line price comparison, consumers had to choose business platform show page in front of goods, long before consumer buying habits have slowly changed, selling low price high service evaluation is the first choice of consumers, the brand is no longer applicable in the electronic business platform. When a brand is gradually weakening, the third party business platform began to build their own brands, and this so-called private brand in turn and manufacturing enterprise products compete, so manufacturing enterprises will be reduced to third party business platform of the OEM factory, before the market dominance will be completely subvert.

profits are eroded, manufacturing enterprises are more and more limited autonomy. Is the so-called: the world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Profit driven business transformation, will eventually lead to the third party business platform of the rules of the game, to Ali, Taobao mall, Taobao mall changed to Tmall, and settled hold gold deposit was greatly improved, various optimization promotion expenses plus platform and making promotion, in manufacturing the enterprise becomes only a puppet. In addition, subject to restrictions on the rules of the platform shops, settled in the third party business platform business expansion by

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