Jingdong is the anniversary of encirclement and suppression refers to the price war is actually a PR

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[review] Jingdong in 2012 with a price war in the trick, making consumers remember.

June electricity supplier promotion war in today’s climax. Because 6· is a positive day; 18 anniversary of the Jingdong, other electricity providers have launched heavy card activities at this point in time, and the Jingdong meaning is obvious.

promotional activities have launched

electricity supplier sales season in June is the protagonist of Jingdong, and Tmall led double eleven big promote mutual echo. This year coincides with the Jingdong "6· 180 anniversary big promotion, Amazon, Gome (micro-blog), easy fast network, where customers, shop No. 1, homeopathy into the fray. Many of them directed at the Jingdong challenge.

On June 17-19

, the Jingdong launched for three days, the whole category of Lao special, Yi Xun network announced a double "for the Jingdong to lose your service. Another target of the Jingdong is Gome online, by the chairman of Gome online Mou Guixian selected highlights of a single product, open the old Mu special, not limited to half off sales. June 15th -6 18, Beijing, the United States also launched the whole network parity, the difference between the double return activities.

in early June, the major electricity supplier has played a "micro-blog gauntlet" slobber war. Jingdong released the first "" in its official micro-blog on June and only Jingdong, quickly lead to Su Ning, Yi Xun, Dangdang and other follow-up "don’t panic" and "don’t blow", "don’t", "don’t X" series.

is not due to their "home court" to rival Jingdong campaign, Ali is relatively low. But during the big promotion, Tmall did not stay. In June 6th, Tmall announced the launch of big promotion in June years, said the electricity supplier should give consumers the "gold and silver enrichment".

price war is actually a public relations war

"6· 18" will evolve into a melee, thus making the industry a variety of non-standard phenomenon once again arisen? 8· last year; during the 15 electricity supplier price war happened logistics lag, virtual standard price, not fully perform price commitment phenomenon. After the NDRC was identified as alleged price fraud, but also to consumers rather disappointed.


, Chinese e-commerce research center researcher Wang Xiaomin lawyers pointed out that the electricity supplier should pay attention to abide by the laws and regulations on the promotion, to avoid the alleged unfair competition, false propaganda or fraud, monopoly. At the same time, she suggested that the electricity supplier industry to strengthen industry self-regulation, as soon as possible to develop relevant industry norms and standards, to prevent disorderly competition. And to remind consumers rational consumption, active rights.

electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang believes that the price war is actually a public relations war, price war gimmick to drive consumer attention, stimulating consumer desire and spending power, has become the standard electricity supplier play. To return to the value of competition from price competition is a win-win move. Reporter Liu Xia

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