Social background of Taobao business ideas

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The prospects for the development of

electronic commerce network, the future belongs to the traditional enterprises understand the Internet, rather than understand the Internet do not understand the traditional industries of the people. What is the traditional industry, throwing its management, personnel, funds, and so do not say that these Internet companies are also the same thing, I think it is social. Traditional channels are based on the foundation of the social foundation to build out, as the network infrastructure has been perfect today, the lack of spiritual, emotional, emotional performance of social genes.

virtual network is not a network of a framework, but we need to activate him, the vitality into each point of the complex network and the world. Taobao opened a shop in the past without mind is the natural flow, use a little trick you can complete the ranking, today, a small shop in Taobao to Taobao to survive not only moving hands when fingers can fix the

, what should we do?

the past two days I received several Taobao owners to consult with my thinking problems, still makes me eye-opening, from their operation of social shop had a new understanding. The shopkeeper didn’t train, do not know the drill exhibition, do not know how the first coke, monthly turnover has remained at 10W, it is difficult to find a breakthrough point. I hope we teach them to drive, drill exhibition, through advertising to break the bottleneck of sales, on this issue do not know if they are thinking backwards, or really need a combination of points. Perhaps, as Ma Yun said, these people make money from Taobao, through feedback advertising form, and then find a new blue ocean from Taobao. It seems a little fantastic.

based on the communication process with several shopkeepers, I think they can not do anything to achieve the smooth sales situation, the idea of social marketing services is worth a lot of small sellers reference. If, can each node fall flowering, I think it is a good O2O loop, I described the process as "xto2", how to understand? X is Sina micro-blog, T Taobao + WeChat 2 Tencent together to achieve a win-win situation. The idea extends, open physical stores, get through is a circle of O circle. However, in the edge of the ring, if there is no interest community, will not be able to guarantee the smooth formation of the ring.


is a very good publicity and promotion, you can put him as a salesman; WeChat is a weak relationship and strong front, as a user of a salon, with front end user interaction, through these three aspects, can be launched together in the store. A children’s clothing store operation method of Taobao share with everyone, she do promotion micro-blog, so as to let more users know the shop in micro-blog, after a successful purchase, the WeChat, the user can go to the nearby shop experience, shopping, scan WeChat to become friends and enjoy the online price, far away users can’t often go to the store, on the other side of the city opened a store. Although an entity shop

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