Analysis of wireless mobile phone giant Taobao Ali dream great embarrassment

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[editor’s note] since its inception in 1999, Alibaba stepped on every key point of the transformation of the Internet industry, and finally boarded the peak of the times. Especially after the B2B midlife crisis, and the transition to the full period of B2C, Taobao has become the Savior of the Alibaba, a new icon to change the business world.

but now, the mobile Internet storm blowing blowing, in the Alibaba’s wireless strategy, as the entrance of the shopping traffic Ali’s mobile phone Taobao, is still the final key role, there is no doubt that it is under a disruptive challenge.

behind several easily handsome, Taobao reflects the end to complex mentality of what role on this issue throughout the Ali group. A number of senior analysts believe that in this new historical turning point, such as Taobao mobile phone can not write Alibaba in the mobile era legend will be unbearable.

lost at the entrance?

, there seems to be a logic never thought, that is, in the mobile terminal, mobile phone Taobao began to lose to other APP applications, including WeChat." Just a trader investment a APP angel investors that use different attributes of mobile phone and computer, decided on a mobile phone, in the first row is always social, and can not be shopping.

for the capture of mobile users, mobile phone Taobao and those who have burgeoned in the APP is not in a starting line. The evolution process of mobile phone function is just the history of the development of mobile internet. Changes in the hardware is more or less reflected in the positioning of mobile Internet products in the minds of users and sort.

Long before the

smartphone, mobile phone consumers in the heart has been ingrained into a basic social cognition, that is, "either by phone or SMS, its vitality is the most for a long time, people will not because of Taobao and WeChat mobile phone, the phone on the desktop machine removed from the hand."


The evolution of

in function, from the earliest address book (SOCIAL), next to the snake (game), then later chord (Music), SP, customized ringing tone service providers (early evening news)…… These emerging products lead to the formation of user awareness. Although after 2009 (until iPhone is popular, the real internet intelligent mobile phone era is coming), Taobao and Jingdong have been mature, but the fusion shopping attributes and is far from the arrival of mobile phone.

in the PC era, the user access to social networking, entertainment, shopping, information needs are almost parallel, it is difficult to distinguish primary and secondary. The emergence of smart devices for the mobile e-commerce may bring, but at the same time, the mobile Internet users will also be re ordering, shopping attributes are reduced dimension, which is very bad for the phone Taobao.

shopping is far from the core of mobile phone users TOP3 (LOHAS, social, information)

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