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a "cold" is blowing luxury industry. Recently, a wave of luxury electric providers website layoffs, the shortage of capital chain news, and some even put up the shutters, for a time, whether the luxury goods business into a recession as doubts.

more than a year ago, many under the banner of "high-end luxury" under the banner of the luxury business website suddenly rise, and some of the large B2C website also launched its luxury channel, make the greatest efforts to tap the domestic luxury goods consumption potential". In fact, all along, the high-end route of luxury electricity supplier affected by the current economic environment, as well as licensing, quality, after-sales service and a series of problems.

luxury website can break through the dilemma or as part of the view that the luxury electricity supplier itself is a false proposition


‘s current luxury site

electricity supplier industry a little understanding of people know that a certain business model electricity supplier will go through this cycle: from germination to crazy growth, industry reshuffle again, after the rest of the more strong. However, this time out of the cycle faster, the object is luxury website. In 2009 the luxury business began to introduce Chinese, in more than a year ago, the domestic luxury sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, not only vertical B2C luxury websites have appeared, and some large electricity providers, portals have also entered the luxury goods industry, open luxury Channel owned by, or is the injection of luxury site. Serves network, market network, Fifth Avenue, Netease Luxuries, Sina, Jingdong, Taobao luxury luxury Channel overseas purchase,…… A series of names into the eyes of everyone.

however, in more than a year after the industry crises. It is understood that the end of last year, Netease Luxuries network officially closed, after micro-blog promotion was booming luxury Sina now has become the official discount website, micro-blog has not updated for a long time. Recently, there is news that some luxury website operation problem, has been coupled with interior modulation, serves network redundancy, respect Huha network CEO network termination, payment of wages and other news, the luxury business is shrouded in a mist.

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investment in the group data show that the first half of 2011, the luxury business financing case is 12, the total financing amounted to $283 million, reaching the highest level in history. But in the first half of 2012, in addition to listing financing, the total number of domestic luxury electricity supplier financing cases has been significantly reduced. In addition, according to CNNIC data show that as of the end of June this year, the scale of 173 million China luxury online shopping online shopping users, users accounted for only 1%.

industry analysts pointed out that the domestic luxury site is mainly copying foreign luxury site model, but the expansion too fast, fake brands do not recognize, no warranty problems such as a time out.

: market purchase channels as flawed


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