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2003, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma investment, dream electricity market; ten years later in 2013, Ali Group acquired a small shrimp net. After the Ali group’s acquisition of small shrimp nets, small shrimp nets where is the future of


July 11th, the network announced officially launched its small shrimp music platform. Small shrimp net CEO Wang Hao said in an interview with reporters, small shrimp net future music industry is China, the music business platform.

practice, independent music, record companies will have music copyright on the Internet for small shrimp users to download, download the default every time the price is 0.8 yuan, 100% of the proceeds go to independent music or record company. Wang Hao says: "independent musician is equivalent to the small seller on Taobao, record company is equivalent to the brand on Tmall."

other words, small shrimp nets will create a "good voice" by Ali model innovation platform. The ultimate goal of this platform is to create a consumer, including independent music, record companies, small shrimp net platform, ecological chain.

music class Taobao platform

music platform on-line, through the examination of the independent music people can open their own small shrimp music shop in small shrimp net, by users to download music copyright sale of their own. In addition to independent musicians, four such labels can also open shop selling small shrimp copyrighted music. 100% of the revenue generated by musicians, record companies.

at present, small shrimp online download a default pricing per 0.8 yuan, music platform on the line, allowing independent music download independent pricing of genuine music in the online small shrimp confident, independent music can improve the pricing. Cooperation with the record company to take the agreement to buy the copyright model, each music to maintain the default price of 0.8 yuan.

network for small shrimp independent musicians and record companies to provide support in the small shrimp net shop includes the backstage operation, shop tools, payment and other support. Wang Hao said that in the future every small shrimp music store have a paid account, consumer purchase by Alipay, the owner can always see their income.

In addition to single

download mode, online and monthly mode of small shrimp. The monthly fee collection by the small shrimp nets, then according to the downloaded music in general and small shrimp, each small shrimp music shop and store downloads in the distribution of income, download more shops share more revenue. Wang Hao said: the monthly fee will also be returned to the independent music, record company.

how to become a net small shrimp independent musicians? Wang Hao, to become independent musicians, must first go through the small shrimp net artificial audit: independent music upload a section of your music, through the audit, submit the relevant personal information that you can shop on the Internet small shrimp. Wang Hao said, can sing music has the ownership of copyright, but no cover.

Small shrimp

network in the future can be.

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