Chinese domain name within 5 years is expected to exceed the English domain name

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Li Xiaodong, deputy director of

China Internet Network Information Center, said in an interview, is expected to "China" after the implementation of the domain name will be very popular, its penetration rate is expected to overtake the English domain name in 5 years.

Olympic Games, the Chinese people really feel. In order to meet the arrival of athletes and sports fans from all over the world, we have long been learning English as a foreign language. While Chinese are eager to learn a foreign language, foreign countries have set off an upsurge of learning chinese. With the enhancement of China’s economic strength, with the Beijing Olympic Games held, is popular around the world. "Beijing welcomes you," said Kobe, who was very naughty in the face of a TV camera, and said it in Chinese. It is clear that the enthusiasm of the Olympic Games has infected the NBA star.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, in the world set off a Chinese hot, Chinese hot. On the Internet, but also set off a Chinese domain name hot. At present, the global mainstream browser support all accessible Chinese domain, which means that the future of Internet users anywhere in the world, what do not need to install the plug-in, in the browser directly enter the Chinese character "Chinese.Cn" you can access the site. So that you do not understand English, but also surf the internet.

domain name Chinese meaning clear, easy to remember, and rich in resources. The use of Chinese domain names is conducive to the protection of the user’s right to know; is conducive to the protection of the enterprise network brand consistency; help to accelerate the expansion of China’s influence and the right to speak on the Internet arena. Chinese domain name is more suitable for domestic users of the mother tongue habits, get more recognition. The application of Chinese domain will promote the network development and information exchange, improve the level of development of Chinese information service industry and its status in the Chinese world, global information service industry in the new economy to further promote e-commerce as the core of the play a great role in accelerating the development of the Chinese world and many other.

manned spacecraft "Shenzhou seven" has not lifted off, cybersquatting, a new round of battle began occasion. With the "seven gods" related to the network domain name in the online seller to transfer ownership, and the query network domain name registration situation and found that even the "Twelve Gods" have been registered by a space.

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