P5.com eNom $33100 to drop, but did not shoot, the dust settles!

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This year’s

super drop domain p5.com, today 5:30 $33100 in the final drop of eNom, but the battle is likely to play, not within 5 days if the bid winner scheduled payment, then the domain name in the payment period after entering a public auction, at that time, the competition will be more intense. Details can be concerned about enom.com or 9w6.biz.

based on the domain name of the value of the initial evaluation of the software, the actual value of the domain name of $about 700000, plus the domain name itself pr=4, domain name is to highlight the precious. If you enter the domain name trading market, the transaction price may be more than 500 thousand yuan, or even higher.

from the p5.com from the lesson, the protection of domain name is very important, in order to avoid the occurrence of similar cases, the best way is to choose a domain name registrar can automatically renew, add enough account balance.   Admin5 generation note enom foreign domain name 80 yuan


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