Dangdang Li Guoqing brands need to be respected

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the afternoon of September 12th, the schedule has been packed Dangdang Li Guoqing (micro-blog), a plaid shirt, casual pants dress up easily into Ritan International Trade Center four floor, take three hours, to a platform has been stationed Dangdang clothing brand "MISUN misun" took a photo.

Li Guoqing believes that after a bigger domestic electricity business platform, will be the channels, brands called diandaqike, "but my attitude is different, the competition between platforms will eventually have to rely on these brands, I have to respect them, to cooperate with them, win-win way".

Dangdang: to give the brand enough sweetness

two weeks ago, Jasonwood electricity supplier business executives in an open letter for Jingdong mall promotions, triggering a heated discussion of the electricity supplier circle for the online platform to bully the brand. In this regard, Li Guoqing’s view is that the interests of the brand needs to be fully respected, especially the core platform, the advantages of the category.

according to insiders, dangdang.com most attention is the apparel category this year, currently Dangdang clothing and shoes department staff has reached the scale of hundreds of people, but before Li Guoqing also publicly revealed to dangdang.com in recent months the clothing sales rose to 400%-500% speed.

as one of the partners in the clothing category, Meechan officially settled Dangdang platform in April this year, until now its monthly sales in dangdang.com has increased from less than 20 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan, and be roughly the same in the Tmall brand store sales.

Li Guoqing is very clear, whether it is the growth of new users or the flow accumulation, Dangdang has lagged behind Tmall and Jingdong mall, so to attract more companies to join the brand advantage, you need to give them. " on the one hand, we must use the advantage of our existing resources to support brand businesses; on the other hand, can not blindly profit from the brand body blood ".

in order to cope with the rapid development of the apparel category, from the recent dangdang.com home page content can be seen, " garment hall " rising in the navigation position; 8 frames focus map page around half of all assigned to clothing, footwear and other brands.

Li Guoqing insisted that the clothing products dangdang.com platform, will become pregnant baby books, after the third dominant category, " our strategy is to focus, to adhere to in the center of the city, the high-end consumption capacity crowd to create boutique department store, with three years of time, they will be in the clothing, baby products. Do the leading textile products. "

brands: platform and aligned

Li Guoqing can shoot promotional photos, because on the one hand and our good relations of cooperation, on the other hand really expressed their attention, "said general manager Chen Junfeng Meechan youpin.


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