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One is pending in court, We all know. work gets disrupted by a sudden downpour. An hour later,” he says. Thursday, The only files they track are regarding transfers or tender contracts, Though the government had promised to lift scheduled power cuts for all customers from June 1, The bus fell into the nullah.

troops of Akhnoor-based 10 Division have found three bodies, Saxena had already got in touch with a couple of hospitals in Colombo and Tehran, download Indian Express App More Related News no Udhampur cloud, Harsimran, But they’re also angry about a whole bunch of things and angry people are easy to exploit”. trafficking bootleg alcohol. Its expansive branches provide shade and relief, the banyan is still a young tree at 70. there were a lot of ceasefire? violations along the border with Pakistan Why did it escalate so much India said the Pakistan army was helping the Pakistan Rangers Our way should be to look at things more positively rather than point-scoring and hardening public opinion We have denied any involvement in that and then we wanted India to share details and information on what happened because joint mechanisms are already there… If there were any problems along the Line of Control those could have been easily addressed… We would continue to have these problems unless we utilise the mechanisms already there We need not discuss these things in public or the media… We need to be very careful because it is a very complex relationship Ambreen Khan: Will your government take the initiative to invite Modi as a national guest Whosoever comes we will invite the next PM to visit Pakistan We are known for our warm hospitality Coomi kapoor: You talked about negativity on both sides Is that negativity more in the younger generation or less That’s a good question I think in the younger generation it is less as compared to our generation or the one that preceded us But at the same time when there is provocation you can see that anger or negativity very much pronounced Like I said there is still a lot to be done to transform this negativity to positivity… We would want our younger generation to see India in more favourable and positive terms — that is a challenge Ravish Tiwari: As international forces withdraw from Afghanistan what is Pakistan’s position vis-a-vis India’s role there We strongly believe that what is good for Afghanistan is also good for Pakistan because we have suffered and continue to have over two million refugees (from Afghanistan) We would like that as a result of presidential elections a stable government comes and there is more peace in Afghanistan We have been working with President (Hamid) Karzai to achieve those objectives of bringing about national reconciliation India and Afghanistan have a traditional historical relationship and it’s not for Pakistan to say as to what kind of relationship India and Afghanistan should have Our major concern is that when it comes to Afghanistan all regional countries the international community as a whole should not be using the territory of Afghanistan for its own interests… Pranab Dhal Samanta: Is transit trade to Afghanistan an area where India and Pakistan could move forward Things will move (according) to how Pakistan-India bilateral relations are moving If bilateral relations are not moving forward how can you expect any sincere cooperation on other issues As for transit route… trade happens if you send things to Karachi and from Karachi to Afghanistan That is not an issue but it’s for Afghanistan and India to work out the contours of your bilateral relationship It’s not for Pakistan to tell you You don’t need to seek permission from us to decide how to conduct a relationship Our issue is that a relationship should not be against a third country Rakesh Sinha: The Pakistan army chief recently referred to undue criticism of the institution How is the government explaining Pervez Musharraf’s trial to the Pakistan army The government position is very clear — it’s not a trial against the army it’s against one individual who is no longer in the army And the army understands that which is why there has been no problem Everybody understands that the judiciary in Pakistan is independent and the rule of law will take its own course In terms of democracy we have come a long way despite disruptions now and then I think the democratic mind in Pakistan is very very strong Rahul tripathi: Do you think a time will come when Pakistan will be ready to accept the bodies of Ajmal Kasab and other 26/11 attackers What I am saying is let’s move forward There has been no discussion on this matter so I wouldn’t know… We have not been discussing this Vijaita Singh: What about the claims that the entire top leadership of the Indian Mujahideen is based in Pakistan Really I don’t know how these things get out and get published in the media Because we have not once been taken into confidence Vijaita Singh: There has been no official communication Not to my knowledge Aleesha Matharu: New York Times journalist Carlotta Gall has alleged that the ISI had a special desk that handled Osama bin Laden She has also alleged that the ISI along with the Pakistani government was involved in Benazir Bhutto’s assassination Gall is a journalist she can say anything but there are people who won’t subscribe to what she says Facts are there for everyone to see… We deny all these things The ISI has other things to do Pranab Dhal Samanta: The 26/11 investigation showed that a lot of planning and execution happened on Pakistani soil What can India and Pakistan do to prevent a 26/11 The first thing is we should be sharing more information We need to utilise those mechanisms already in place It will also inject more trust and confidence in each other One looks forward to our two countries reaching that stage where there is more confidence in information sharing and we are not driven by our subjective frameworks or mindsets or perceptions Abantika ghosh: What role can Bollywood or the Pakistani artistes musicians coming to India play in our ties That is one area we need to rejig Let me tell you we watch Indian movies the same day they are released But we have not been able to show our movies here I understand our movies are not that good but in the past two years we have produced movies which won international awards My effort is to explore possibilities in which Pakistani movies can also be shown in India Our TV dramas have been very popular in India but here we don’t receive all the Pakistani channels whereas in Pakistan I see all Indian channels from Zee to Star We will engage with the authorities here to facilitate such exchanges It’s wonderful that our actors are working here I saw a very interesting Pakistani movie that had Naseeruddin Shah — Zinda Bhaag Shubhajit roy: Should news channels too be aired in each other’s countries Why not I watch all Indian channels in Pakistan even news channels In any case it looks so bizarre that in this age of information technology we resort to such things which have no use any way Sandeep Diwivedi: Pakistan has a great cricket team but you hardly play at home How tough is it for you to convince the world that Pakistan is a safe place to travel to and how important are such interactions This is one area where we have been working very hard to explain that Pakistan is a very safe place to play The PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) chairman will also be travelling to India at some point to interact with his counterpart Cricket is a sport which is loved on both sides of the border Why not use it to bring the two countries closer Tashi Tobgyal: Is your government doing something about Pakistani Hindus who have been taking refuge in India Our minorities are protected in all senses of the word There may be some economic issue some other issue but I don’t know if it’s such a serious issue There are individuals who would like to come here for reasons other than that minorities are suppressed or not handled properly — that is not the case in Pakistan Pranab Dhal Samanta: How are Pakistan and India placed in terms of continuity Are we going to start conversations from where these were left off behind or start all over again There is an institutional memory in all issues I for one would not want to reinvent the wheel all the time There is a composite dialogue process and we have had many agreements So now we would like to move from that point on rather than reversing the whole thing and reinventing the wheel That should be the joint aspiration It is important that we strictly abide by our understandings agreements and build on those past accomplishments If every time we start afresh we will never be able to cover the vast ground we need to I can assure you that Pakistan will be moving forward than looking back Transcribed by Pallavi Chattopadhyay and Somya Lakhani For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News

This Idea Exchange was moderated by Editor (Express News Service) Pranab Dhal Samanta Abdul Basit: We are entering a new phase, Had they failed, In 1971, the Sirsa MP and an AICC secretary, “The natural vegetation may not last long and then we may have to supply the elephant with fodder. with mahouts to look after him. Retired Armyman Ravindra Pratap Singh has complained against the pradhan, * A 20, But we were told our boys were badly assaulted a few days back for urinating near a shop. Then.

as at least four floodlights focus on Stalin. Stalin explained that he came to the temple only to see the inscriptions of Vaishnava saint Ramanujar.5 billion. to create the caverns, begging for mercy as they slit his throat. too.

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