Watch the black Friday online shopping accounted for 16% of retail sales will emerge

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is not on the turkey dinner table, shopping has sounded the horn ".

in November 23rd this year is the "black Friday", from Messi to WAL-MART stores, best buy from Amazon, all American businesses sharpening, as 22 days before Thanksgiving started the promotion war, in preparation for the 23 day his books painted a dark.

the fourth Thursday of November every year is a traditional American Thanksgiving, Americans usually began to purchase in the first day of the festival, is "black Friday". Traditionally, businesses have recorded deficits in red ink, and black ink has been profitable, so the special Friday was marked by "dark" expectations. At the same time, the "black Friday" marked the end of crazy once a year shopping season, from this year’s situation, "black Friday" is off to a good start.

shopping season

want to see the "black Friday" event, a large discount mall "aotelaishi" is preferred. The 23 day, from Qingdao China Mr. Tian just in the United States there are several months of business activities, one family arrived early in Pennsylvania, Oteri J (The Crossings Premium premium cross), after a day of shopping, bought more than $1000 of goods, even a few months after returning the gift was bought.

"we mainly buy bags and clothes." Mrs. Tian said happily, "most of them hit fold, such as coach (Coach) package, the original $more than and 300, now $more than and 140 can buy, much cheaper than domestic. We don’t have to worry about the gift."

large department stores, although not as crowded as Ott, but it is also bustling. Park in central New Jersey (Menlo Park) department store is also an atmosphere of the new year, in the Republic Republic (Banana) store, all the goods are playing 60 percent off. The clerk said in the newspaper, on Friday morning when the shop is full of customers, the afternoon people slowly scarce.

"people feel that the economy is better, and we have a lot of things to buy." The young clerk said happily.

after four years away from the economic crisis, the U.S. consumer confidence swept away the haze. Since mid September, consumer confidence index continued to rise, reaching a new high of five years. U.S. retail sales have continued to grow for three consecutive months, the highest since 2010 the best results.

according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) survey last year, Thanksgiving to new year shopping season sales accounted for total sales of nearly 1/4 this year, and about 147 million of Americans plan to participate in the war during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping. NRF released forecasts also show that in November this year, the retail sales in the consumer quarter will reach $586 billion 100 million in December, an increase of 4.>

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