Love melt network and community electricity supplier cooperation will be the first pilot in Beijing

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is regarded as the city’s business community was once the capillaries, many financial institutions snatch, now P2P tentacles also extended to here.

day before the news that the P2P net loan platform love financial network is to discuss cooperation matters with a well-known domestic electricity supplier community. October 9th, love melt network CEO Hao Zhenhua confirmed the news in an interview with reporters. He said: the current intention to cooperate has been determined, but the details need to be improved, is expected to sign a framework contract next month. The party is still not convenient to disclose."

if the cooperation agreement reached, love melt network will be the first net loan industry cooperation with the community electricity supplier platform, will also become one of the important model of the P2P industry.

first pilot selected in Beijing community

the current status of the domestic P2P industry has shown a differentiation trend, while the high concentration of large volume of platform, the other side is the new platform features, gave a fierce competition.

community electricity supplier has a large number of customer resources, conducive to the development of the love of the network, we will launch for the customer for the community’s products, the first batch of pilot communities in Beijing." Hao Zhenhua told reporters.

can not be denied that the community has a natural geographical advantages of electricity providers, consumers gather and flow of the place, will gradually improve the brand recognition of love melt network.


investment advisor in the financial industry researcher Huo Xiaohua interview with this reporter, said: "the identity P2P involved in the electricity supplier community is to improve their visibility, improve the trust of users in mind, but also a high degree of coincidence about community consumption and P2P users; on the other hand with the community electricity supplier or directly into the community electricity supplier, is also in order to obtain the favor of investors, improve the supply chain finance. Other P2P platforms in the future or will follow suit."

future prospects are uncertain

in Internet banking fast now, the bank through the layout of the community of O2O, under the line entrance to seize the online, open up, "O2O" business model has never stopped the pace. Including Beijing agricultural firms, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank, including a number of banks have begun to accelerate the layout.

Beijing Rural Commercial Bank launched a specially tailored for community residents and surrounding businesses in the mobile internet financial products – e community service". This is installed in the intelligent mobile phone on financial products, for the community surrounding small and micro businesses to provide free online platform, small and micro businesses can directly open their own shop in the mobile Internet, through the e community service platform to showcase and marketing their goods and services. E community service includes a user terminal, merchant terminal, terminal three mobile phone housekeeper APP, the client is mainly used for community residents, the merchant side is mainly used for the surrounding shops, and the housekeeper end is marketing and logistics clerk for use.

in addition to the Beijing rural commercial bank, there have been many banks began the layout of the community O2O>

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