Baidu LBS+O2O inborn lack of muscle after day expect

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rumors of Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice is nearing completion, all the hot potato to Baidu, then the two sides share prices have soared. From the point of view of the industry trends and strategic layout of this transaction is feasible, Baidu advantage is that the map service, hoping to buy the LBS+O2O to complete the layout is not wrong. But a more detailed analysis, Baidu acquisition of glutinous rice development direction of LBS+O2O business seems to be a little deviation, buy and whether the map is a perfect combination of strategic issues need to be taken seriously.


mobile Internet era O2O+LBS market imagination has no doubt, but the group purchase is representative of O2O, mainly including catering, entertainment, hotel, tourism, life services, commodities and other five categories, market share is relatively stable than, respectively in 50%, 25%, 10%, 10%, 5%. We discuss the feasibility of the combination of map and group.

Feasibility analysis of

map + group purchase combination mode can be cut, from the following four aspects, planning / immediacy, price factor, reputation factor, geographical position, these four factors determine the flow of value, the result is the first map or the first group purchase, consumers decide who should, too which platform is decided through consumption, so there are great differences between the first group purchase after the map "and" map after the first group purchase ". Further, Baidu is the map of LBS+O2O + buy combination, this combination is inherently weaker than the O2O+LBS + + map combination, which in the former which need to be clear.

map + buy: Catering discussion

catering group accounted for the largest share of the market share of 50%, so it has a decisive significance for Baidu map + buy combination strategy. So we first analyze the map + buy combination in the market value of food and beverage group.

according to the four aspects mentioned above, catering and timeliness also group purchase plan, general plan, group purchase more, because the group purchase is the process of choice, choose what to eat, what to eat, the price of standard, in most cases still need to make an appointment in advance. Of course, there is an instant situation, is walking suddenly hungry, may be looking for a place to eat in the vicinity. So the planning or real-time is the premise of the purchase, price factors, word of mouth factors, geographical location will affect the final decision.

A plan of

, occurred in the PC group purchase, more consumers will end, according to the price, reputation, position factors which decide to buy which products group purchase, location factors through the map, but the map function is a reference factor of group purchase plan in, because the consumer group purchase only map, and not because of this map for group purchase order must be clear.

two, instant group purchase in the mobile terminal, there is more, consumers may go on the road to feel hungry, then it will have the same dining needs, price, reputation, position will also influence the decision. For price, word of mouth

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