Wuxi companies are buying Chinese domain names

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Xinhua news agency after the Olympic Games, the world set off a heat in China, Chinese heat, the Internet is the most obvious place. Reporters learned yesterday in an interview, nearly 1000 companies in Wuxi began to apply for the Chinese domain name on the Internet, directly with Chinese characters to replace a series of English letters, more Chinese characteristics.

Wang Xingji xiaolongbao is Wuxi’s traditional delicacy snacks, renowned at home and abroad. However, when people want to search on the Internet, but few people know the business address on the Internet, because of a long list of English letters for many people is relatively trouble. Now, as long as the Internet site to enter the "Wang Xing Ji · China", the search results will immediately appear in front of you.

According to

China Regional Marketing Manager Li Tao introduction, before we Chinese of domain name is not very seriously, but after the Olympic Games, the world Chinese hot, many enterprises pay more and more attention to the value of the domain name.

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