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Tencent science and technology reported on February 5th

"be a boxer, or you won’t be there."

this is a group of entrepreneurs who are not too prominent reputation. They tried to create a big scene once, has experienced a painful lesson, then many people also start on the road in several wasted. But as the "armored steel fist" in the little robot abandoned but eventually shine, and they are not born sparring, the mobile Internet is that they re burst of energy stage.

Chen Hua and Wu Shichun used to be a business partner, 7 years ago, the two co founded the kuxun, to "search for life" concept of shining moment, but in the company bottomed out. After the change, they have entered the mobile Internet, the former do now popular mobile phone application of K song "sing", the latter a delicacy search application "Iron Chef shook the founder.

was born kuxun entrepreneurs Chen Wu is not the only two people, there are a number of left in the cool turbulent period of product and technology elite. Compared to the domestic "Google with a great reputation to help entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial NetEase", popular, "cool school" somewhat low-key, but this group who had fought together but after different setbacks collective choice of the mobile Internet as a new battlefield.

Zhang Yiming, former chairman of the technical committee kuxun, after he left kuxun do a real estate search site 99 (with the original housing property, but because of cruel dispatch) policy changes cannot continue as following, he founded the byte beating the company, focus on social class mobile applications such as data mining, has 7 million 500 thousand active users of the individual reading application "today’s headlines".

Ceng Tingkun, once technology development in beijing. When he left the farm game the hottest Cool News, and others set up a joint game playing crab technology, CTO. Last year the company launched mobile phone game "big head", is currently one of the most popular games in the Apple App store, the monthly income of more than 20 million yuan.

Zhou Qingsong, the original kuxun real estate search product manager; grim, the wonder – Senior engineer. They were from the transition to the 99 real cool news, last year started 517 travel network, recently launched a mobile phone application "travel".

incomplete statistics, 2008-2009 years has run away before the staff of nearly two years of cruel dispatch has started more than a dozen companies. Although most are still in the public eye, but the star of the several applications of concentrated outbreak, but has started to pay attention to the early kuxun work experience as emotional bonds business groups.

a group of entrepreneurs who are frustrated with the vertical search in the Internet, and now the collective on the mobile Internet glow youth. What lessons did they draw from the ups and downs of the past few years?

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