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Alibaba 11 will be mainly aimed at cross-border goods

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Xue Song) yesterday, Alibaba disclosure of the 11 double Tmall Online Shopping Festival program. For consumers, the price and quality will become the focus of attention this year, 11, the industry is expected to set off a rush to buy imported goods boom.

experts say, online shopping has been driven China consumption powerful engine, the annual double 11 is embodied in consumption outbreak, especially obvious role in boosting domestic consumption and stimulate the growth of the electricity supplier.


online shopping has accounted for nearly 10%

of total retail sales

is not the same as in previous years, this year the Alibaba double 11 will be the main target of cross-border goods, the "global buy" will have more than 5 thousand big 25 overseas countries and regions to participate; "global sell" number 11 double discount merchandise flagship will reach 50 million, nearly 5000 domestic businesses to participate in. These two 11 imports will hit the world’s lowest, global package parcel tax.

annual 11 pairs of major electricity supplier turnover stimulating effect significantly. In 2014 Tmall double 11 Online Shopping Festival, day turnover of more than 57 billion 100 million yuan, which shows Chinese consumption ability and strong demand, the Bank forecast this year 11 turnover broken billion yuan should not be a problem. Last fiscal year, Alibaba achieved a turnover of 2 trillion and 500 billion yuan, accounting for China’s total retail spending of $9%.

to relieve this year 11 bank payment pressure, yesterday, the ant payment service also announced a joint Tmall invested 50 million yuan to encourage the use of ant flower chanting, this year will be in balance, ant financial balance, fast payment, online banking, first introduced the ant flower chanting pay. It is reported that, like the balance and the balance of treasure, ants spend to avoid trading link chant among banks.

Ma Yun:

need to rely on innovation to stimulate consumption

over the past year, Alibaba, Jingdong and other electricity supplier since the listing of the stock price volatility, showing investors worried about China’s electricity supplier can continue to grow high.


group chairman of the board Ma did not agree with the economic downturn will lead to decline in consumer perceptions, he recently issued an open letter that pull Chinese three economic troika, investment, export and consumption, the investment is slowing, export trade is slow, mainly to see the next consumption.

Ma, the number of Chinese middle income crowd has been larger than the entire population of the United States, and sustained rapid growth, but the middle income groups consumption is still far below the level of their income, therefore, the next step is to rely on innovation to stimulate consumption.

experts said that online shopping will be the main engine of China’s future consumption to stimulate domestic demand.

Ma Yun said: we expect more than ten of China’s consumption over the next year will be carried out through the Internet, so the electricity supplier

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