3C electricity supplier in addition to price war, but also what to play

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, once a year 3C shopping street rujierzhi, this is 3C vendors and business platform considering the gluttonous feast. If the double eleven is more like a woman’s shopping street, then this year, the protagonist of the big promotion is the male user group as the main user 3C. Like all electricity supplier Shopping Festival, the price war is still the main theme of this year. But some rookie platform to join, is changing the price war as the main theme of the 3C business, 3C business is being introduced in 2 times.

3C electricity supplier price war space is getting smaller and smaller

China second business platform Jingdong is the originator of 3C electricity supplier, Liu Qiangdong Zhongguancun will rent the CD container it moved to the Internet, continue to extend to 3C and home appliances and other products, is a comprehensive platform after the listing, no longer do vertical electricity supplier 3C. However, before the 3C category is one of the most rely on electricity consumption, and the outer shoes bags, beauty, mother, it is still very intense competition in this area. In addition to the Jingdong, Taobao, shop No. 1, Amazon and other platforms electricity supplier, suning.com, and other home appliances – 3C type vertical platform, rich networking, Millet’s millet mall these hardware manufacturers under the banner of the platform as well as Foxconn’s.

3C products with respect to clothing, beauty and other categories, more standardized, product pricing from the release is very transparent, the electricity supplier’s role is to channel capacity, 3C business at this point is the most incisive, see Suning and Gome will know the situation. These characteristics led to the most tragic price war 3C electricity supplier. Every year the shopping festival or new releases, manufacturers will be shouting their prices are lower than those of the friends, "to buy expensive to lose", "professional price" the price war will play, play to reach the peak of perfection degree.

hardware manufacturers themselves in the low profit or even zero profit price war can not fight. For example, after Zhou Hongyi became the great God great God series launched a crazy price, thousand yuan machine was pulled to 500 yuan. Millet, Meizu has follow up in the other big will ultimately be involved in a price war. The price in the factory is involved in the price war, the price of unity, the platform has not much room for price cuts, unless money subsidies for single product prices and the overall sales of such high category, it is not realistic, so we see more limited low-cost seckill such promotions, is not strictly the price war.

3C basic electricity supplier is difficult to differentiate

Jingdong to talent shows itself in many electronic business platform, become a challenge to Alibaba. Peter: genuine low-cost, logistics experience and customer service guarantee. Due to the increasing volume, in the supply of resources and supply chain management is also more obvious advantages. However, these advantages are no longer obvious. Very simple, the Jingdong in the platform, overextend growing, unable to focus on 3C segments, such as the free shipping threshold is getting higher and higher, for instance no past fast delivery.


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