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low profile brewmaster network technology team

in the past, the technical team brewmaster network in the entire DevOps circles are very low-key, in their own words, adhering to the Shanxi Shanxi culture "simple and sincere, friendly" concept, as people still want to be pragmatic, low-key, the first work is to do the technical ability, good liquor vertical electric providers, reflect the value of the industry idea. And, although in the past three or four years in the development of the brewmaster network showing very rapid growth, but the underlying architecture and entrepreneurial companies have little difference, the pursuit of more efficiency and growth, not in the processing of large data, high availability, spend much energy on stability.

as the situation changes, brewmaster network has gradually moved toward the unicorn liquor company. Brewmaster network CTO has said, as by retail sales to the valuation of the company, although the PE index is very low, but as people hope from the technical content of the company’s valuation to increase the amount, hoping to increase the science and technology and the Internet genes in brewmaster now in the whole system, to attract more talents to join. And, with the continuous growth of web traffic, brewmaster also begin a new attempt and exploration in the technology selection and some small technical field. The following words also hope brewmaster network in the entire Internet or electricity supplier in the field have more voice, whether open source community or the entire Internet technology development, technical personnel can contribute their own strength brewmaster.

alternative vertical electricity supplier


brewmaster network architecture of

liquor electricity supplier has a cyclical, seasonal characteristics. Brewmaster network UV magnitude up to hundreds of thousands, the festive atmosphere is very obvious, unlike the general electricity supplier, such as Jingdong in 618, double eleven, traffic will only increase 6, 7 times. In the festival, such as the Mid Autumn Festival, double eleven, the Spring Festival, even if any marketing activities are not done, but also the price than usual, then the site traffic is usually more than ten times. In general, the brewmaster network traffic over ten later than usual to more than 100 times, the technical test, which determines the over 100 times, 5 times and 3 traffic flow in the play technology is completely different.

this situation is closely linked with the characteristics of liquor electricity supplier. The wine market of the line of one trillion, but the Internet actually only tens of billions of scale electricity supplier. So in fact, there are 8, 900 billion of the market size are online. This shows that if 1% people want to go online from the line, then the country’s entire electricity supplier platform increased by a factor of 1, this space is really great imagination. So the brewmaster network also in the mode of doing new exploration, how can the line can be developed to the fertile line.

what are the technical challenges of high concurrent high traffic


1, how to achieve a hundred times the peak traffic under the stability and controllability of the system design and landing, to ensure the maximum utilization of server resources, such as the total station to do virtual >

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