Weapon money in the N position 11 detonated network network double quality ecological season

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news November 4th, the day before, announced the launch of music as ecology for a period of 1 months "smart ecological season", and then start the national carnival. Voice did not fall, the U.S. local time on November 2nd to celebrate the grand opening: Super TV, mobile phone and other super eco derivatives on the first day of the line 4 hours sold out! Also sub ecological consumer ecological life Triumphant news keeps pouring in., open the "ecological quality network network over the same period, the seven season venue for 12 consecutive days low quality wine turns into battle. The latest data show that in November 1st the same day, the mobile terminal network network Mingzhuang Wine sales sales doubled, even quadruple double 11 Carnival heat

in advance!


this year eleven, seven network network promotion venue jointly staged drama, N a way to save money with dazzling ecological Hao Li, let consumers experience the real price to enjoy the "quality of life" super courtesy. Penfolds, Rafi, Chile concha, Jiannanchun, Wuliangye, Moutai big name village to join us, every day for 12 days three seckill 1.11 yuan, 99 yuan of French wine, wine, self purchase! Wine liquor quintessence, cool beer special field have burst point. Large full reduction coupons to enjoy shopping, free shipping out


fight speed! Quality burst 1.11 yuan spike purchase

wait until ten a day and then fight hand speed? It may even Lily are robbed. Network network daily crazy double eleven day battle seckill detonated 10:00, 15:00, 21:00 three seckill, battle Wine, global explosion of pre cocktails, beer 1.11 yuan, 11.11 yuan strength, for 12 consecutive days to create panic buying.

grab a not enough? Combined purchase special low value collocation sections are classic! 72 yuan, 99 yuan 8 Optional Optional 9, 156 yuan optional 4…… There are more opportunities to enjoy each as low as 9 yuan the ultimate naked price. Mingzhuang explosion models can save up to 118 yuan, Scotch Whisky enjoy the best price of 99 yuan, the Red Devils Cabernet Sauvignon as low as 69 yuan.

November 1st -12 during the event, consumers can enjoy the full 99 yuan minus $11, $299 minus $51, 599 yuan less than the threshold of the audience without a discount.

at the same time, the audience to dispel the worries, so that the consumer experience in place. 1.11 yuan to enjoy the same wine seckill shipping services, the reserve price above enjoy hearty carefree shopping fun!

grab big name liquor, wine prices hit


landed three new board, network network upgrade life strategy and massive expansion of product category, enter the broad life consumer market. The quality of supply chain extends to the liquor category, fresh water, and this year eleven, Moutai, Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Fen, red star, Luzhou Lao Jiao, Niulanshan’s favorite brand of liquor for the first time to join network network "ecological quality season". The reporter noted, Wuliangye 52 degrees Luzhou flavor liquor in the wine net net official price, one is only 6>

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