Domain name registration tutorial (a) – CANN certification of China’s top domain registrar

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domain name is the Internet in the international computer (Internet) is an independent web site name or web site name, also known as online trademark, with only one in the world, is an important resource for individuals, enterprises and institutions, organs etc..

domestic domain name registration quotient numbers, how can we choose to uneven in quality, good domain name registration agencies? Let’s look at the choice of domain name registration agencies.

ICANN certification of China’s top domain name registrar a total of the following 9, namely:

35 Technology Co., Ltd.

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Name,.Net,.Org,.Pro Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. DBA

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Net,.Org,, Inc.Business Name:

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Net,.Org HiChina Web Solutions (Hong Kong Limited)Name:

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Name,.Net,.Org Inter China Network Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (aka 3721)Company name: 3721

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Net,.Org, OnlineNIC, Inc.

Chinese Name: Chinese channel

Web site:

authorized range:.Biz,.Com,.Info,.Mobi,.Name,.Net >.

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