This time does not blow the chiefs complained that the trend in 2016

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[Abstract] entrepreneurs really complain, the ideal is more pleasant than he talk rapidly — although the backbone, but real, that is the outcome of the. People say that the unification of the year, the Internet ten years. To know how to change a new year, a practice of chewing warriors. You can get a glimpse of one or two.

fresh: not bragging you will die ah?

over the past two years, do not add adjectives, the outside world also know how fresh electricity supplier.

Wang Wei at the tenth session of the annual meeting of the online retail Tucao said, by means of a single volume shameless exaggerated the number of people who have to take investment, entrepreneurs have forgotten the first to provide good products and good service, but try to do good to obtain high valuation data. Before 2015 in August, we say how many of their own single, how many users, some people buy a send two way to turn an order into the three. Investors also told me, "you go to rush orders, you do 10 thousand single, the valuation of the company will have $100 million, 100 thousand single, the valuation of the company into 1 billion dollars, do 1 million single company valuation becomes $10 billion. However, leaving the capital driven, then the company can rely on to achieve sustainable development?


orchard founder and CEO Wang Wei

so, the joke, regardless of their background more cattle, get much investment, fresh electricity but now only take a bubble, because they just blow in a single volume, cold chain conditions and the supply chain has not been bragging, "Ray" has not been eliminated, the future the road is long.

: money is maternal slow orbit

is the traditional maternal in 2015 – before the line to see great scourges rivals after cross-border sellers look at fiercely as a tiger does.

CEO honey bud Liu Nan told billion state power network, maternal electricity supplier in 2015 facing the fierce China Internet industry history of the competition. The last time the most intense competition is a thousand regiment war, but buy is an emerging industry, competition exists only in the wave of buy site between. The mother and child industry is a stock industry, this group of emerging maternal and child platform to compete, the line has 20 years of experience in the retail competition will also participate, in addition to the platform giant electricity supplier.

is precisely because of this, the competition is a mother and baby sellers of money, people and time of a comprehensive contest. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan told billion state power network, new recruits CFO up to fifth days to financing, she would think impassability, money is fully used and the second half of the year but also busy with a variety of promotions, teams must be off a layer of skin, how to immediately start financing. He told me that the start-up company is not in need of money when the money, if you temporarily do not think we move up. Less than 3 weeks later, I found out that he was right. In the fierce market environment, sometimes it is really only a month’s conversion period."

this, practitioners predict, due to very intense time >

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