Taobao city brand Day Miracle 14 days turnover of over billion

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12 brands, the 14 trading day, the average daily turnover rose by 39%, the average daily turnover of 7 million 440 thousand, the two break through the 8 million, the two breakthrough in 10 million, the total turnover of more than 14 days of 100 million. This is the past two weeks, Taobao Electric City launched brand day record.

sun in the sky, you are the summer appliance is willing to sit in the house with a click of the mouse to choose a cool, or to the scorching sun to go to the mall to buy an air conditioner? By Taobao Electric City "brand", consumers in the most intimate and most accurate way to answer this question seems to be dishonest.

high growth under the win consumer


electric city official said, the electric city "brand," according to the different customer groups, using different promotions, such as more housewives is 99 yuan small household purchase groups, and most students favor the notebook computer, some white-collar workers are large appliances consumer groups…… In such a wide range of target brand day activities, not only benefit the appliance city brand, but also benefit consumers.

summer vacation at home in the middle school teacher Li has deep feeling, he bought an air conditioner for home, an ice cream machine, a boiled egg. 99 yuan special in particular people feel affordable, the key thing is particularly easy to use, usually do not know where to buy these things." Of course, the teacher, the biggest benefit is not out of the mall, "this summer, the thunderstorm is not always go out in the sun, it is disturbed, or sitting in the air under the little mouse easily, not to mention things cheaper than going out.

network channel rise multi brand joint marketing skills into

brand day event brilliant record, in addition to Taobao’s huge user base, multi brand joint marketing efforts. During the event, Lenovo, AUX, PHILPS, NOKIA, Samsung, Logitech, Galanz, Joyoung 12 cross brand joint battle, jointly offering summer promotional gift, so that their brand and customers to share, so that all brands are great harvest.

this is also the e-commerce channel to the digital home appliance manufacturers to bring new forms of promotion, in the traditional channels, a number of brands at the same time joint promotion is unimaginable. In the network channels, on the one hand, the form of commodity display to break the physical boundaries, so that the brand has a common display conditions, on the other hand, the major brands are generally settled in the city of Taobao electric appliances, but also to make cooperation possible. It is understood that, in addition to online early in the layout of Lenovo, DELL, Samsung and other digital brands, like Hisense, TCL, SKYWORTH, Changhong, Konka, SONY and other home appliances brand, has joined Taobao electric city.

this is not unrelated to the growth of network channels in recent years. Data show that last year only Taobao platform online shopping transactions on more than 200 billion yuan, accounting for more than 80% of the domestic online shopping market share, the highest single day turnover of Taobao city has also exceeded $20 million. According to Gome, Suning Appliance retail tycoon wealth >

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