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when the Internet began to look for new retail, online and offline integration, supply chain opportunities, in the end what should be done?


from the vice president of the alliance to create a fresh rice, just participated in the golden age of coke Yue China Mobile Internet product, process, and the subsequent rise of O2O boom bust. A meter is fresh romance after equity acquisition Jiao Yue appeared in public for the first time, he told 36 krypton: "in the past focus on traffic, vendors, intend to spend 1/3 time to study fruit next year."

deal with the background of the fresh O2O start-up companies are difficult to operate independently of embarrassment, at least at this stage, the O2O has not yet found a profitable way, the supply chain is also far more important than the accumulation of online operations. Can obviously feel that the transformation of the Internet from the beginning of the agricultural downstream, is continuing to extend upstream. In recent years, many agricultural products supply chain company was born, they will replace the middlemen in high and vigorous spirits, and then made their own money, purchasing, logistics, warehousing, distribution as well as many.

so, when people start looking for a new Internet retail, online and offline integration, supply chain opportunities, in the end what should be done? The following is 36 krypton from three summary and Discussion on coke Yue:

1. How to integrate online and offline


fruit is a commodity and a high degree of coupling channel of the industry, the next three or four years will also be a couple (low grade gauge, high maturity products, no need to take human cost advantage), large supermarket / farmers market, new stores (such as Ali investment box Ma Xiansheng), and other retail franchise chain. But China’s first tier cities, rents and labor costs are still rising, offline stores do not expand the radius of service, enhance Ping effect, business will become increasingly difficult.

is even without the lock, operation standardization, play the initiative, the business manager of the franchise Baiguoyuan has set 2016 turnover target set at 6 billion yuan, in planning for the future, founder Yu Huiyong hope the online business can account for 30%. Yue Yue believes that the mobile Internet, data technology and terminal forced supply chain of these two dimensions, will give birth to a new species, to achieve passenger flow, service, membership, supply chain.

but now O2O is just a very primary stage, the platform is neither monopoly nor profitable, at this stage should be from the perspective of business, from a small change to start. For example: cancel the queue cashier, extended to the store from mentioning, through the two-dimensional code import goods, comments, social networking, online sales as the standard for a sale, the difference between the change in different periods and discuss the way to push the party’s platform, etc…….

stores the fine operation there are many worthy of study, such as the clerk greeting, bow, aunt help cut fruit the sense of value, can enhance the brand value and order conversion, from the store clerk, deputy manager, the manager sat in, 2 old, with 1 new chuanbangdai standard construction management system.


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