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who can save B2B before answering this question?. We need to answer another question – does B2B need to save it?. There are the following reasons: first, B2B weak. B2B is a fortune because of manufacturing as well as the Chinese dividend information gap, high quality and inexpensive things sold, European and American buyers to find high quality and inexpensive things, so the foreign trade B2B, domestic B2B is developed according to this idea, but appeared in the information gap filled, the rise in the cost of regional manufacturing dividends are so B2B loss, weak constitution. Second, B2B asthma. B2B asthma performance in keeping up with the times, in the big data, electricity providers, O2O, mobile Internet, social concept of these trendy, there seems to be nothing B2B. Third, B2B weak. Many manufacturers from the distribution model in order to direct sales model, you can direct sales through the B2C, which occupied part of the B2B market, so Taobao has become a wholesale Tmall and land. In the process of B2C and O2O contest, B2B’s strength is very weak.

so, B2B needs help. How to save? At present, in general, we try and imagine the following methods.

save B2B method

: business treasure, intelligent network, manufacturing network China these companies listed or chiefs, originally alliance, which owns a large number of well-known segments of the website, business treasure is more strategic layout boast small portal + alliance, so the League for the B2B website on the ground, not what is the basic meaning. So they play. But for many of the two or three lines and moliu B2B website, the alliance can create an entrance, to get more traffic, it is not such a bad thing. According to the author’s contact, there are a number of Internet Co are trying to make small and medium B2B site alliance, a lot of small and medium B2B sites also have the intention of alliance.

big data: B2B website development soon, began to gradually understand the importance of data. Because users need data. The business treasure owned by China chemical network, the purchaser needs daily changes in the market price, and then make the purchasing plan, so it’s consulting business treasure, you can provide the average price of a day, business is very original: ask the operator to call a chemical manufacturer and asked about their price, then summary is provided to the user. My steel is developed from the provision of data services. These basic industrial raw materials demand for data is very strong. Therefore, Alibaba and intelligent network to encourage online trading, in fact, online transactions increased the cost of B2B, but B2B can collect transaction data at lower costs, in general, cost-effective.

: the Alibaba took the lead on the export subsidies are subsidies, subsidies it will encourage more merchants, in essence, is to attract online transactions, or for the purpose of big data. Rather than a little cash distribution, it can be changed

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