Huaian District, Huaian preferential policies to support the development of e-commerce ndustrial Pa

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days ago, Huaian District of Huaian city issued "Huaian district government on supporting the development of e-business industrial park views (Trial)", the annual financial district at least 3 million yuan of special funds to support the development of e-commerce industry.

is one of the modern warehousing and logistics of e-commerce project in accordance with the planning of e-commerce Industrial Park and the industry chain (including express) e-commerce, downstream projects give priority to land planning and land use index, according to the set listing, warehousing and logistics projects may refer to the price of industrial land listing, while giving the appropriate relief in the construction fees etc..

two is the electronic commerce enterprises settled in the industrial park, to achieve annual net sales for the first time exceeded 5 million yuan, 10 million yuan, 30 million yuan, 50 million yuan, billion yuan, respectively give businesses a one-time 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 150 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan, 300 thousand yuan reward.

three is the new e-commerce professional building of 10000 square meters, building area of more than 70% e-commerce companies settled, according to no more than the actual amount of investment (infrastructure and land except) 3% buildings give investors a one-time award.

four is assigned to the electronic commerce building renting office space to develop electronic commerce and tax of the enterprise, provide free broadband and give rent subsidies, rent subsidies for a period of 3 years (maximum subsidy area not exceeding 200 square meters), the first 100% years of rent, second years at 60% of the rent, the rent in third years 30% subsidies.

five is to actively support the introduction of talent, time of employment training and the introduction of e-commerce enterprises in more than 1 years (including 1 years) of the senior management personnel, operating personnel, the core technology of high-end talent, give full reward according to their personal income tax retained by the local government, provide preferential treatment and convenience in settled, school children, medical treatment etc..

up to now, the district has planned a total area of 2500 acres of e-commerce industrial park. The park to highway 237 axis, relying on Beijing Hangzhou high-speed Huaian entrance, the new long railway station in Huaian, river channel of Huaian port, the construction scope of river channel to the north, West, West Beijing Shanghai high-speed road south, east iron 800. The park has three functional areas, namely the construction of ports, warehousing, transshipment area, integrated service areas and professional market areas (including the production of materials and mechanical and electrical equipment market area). Park telecommunications fiber broadband infrastructure has been fully equipped to meet the needs of the development of enterprise electricity supplier. Park is expected to be officially operational 3 years later, when it will attract all kinds of high-end talent over 1000 people each year to train various types of e-commerce professionals, e-commerce brokers up to 5000 people, creating an output value of about $500 million.

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