Taobao push new advertising cooperation model divided into 1 billion yuan to small and medium-sized

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sina science and technology news on March 19th morning news, according to Taobao, said recently it will launch a new advertising cooperation model, the object is the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster and network partners. The plan this year’s goal is to prepare 1 billion yuan will be divided into small and medium-sized webmaster.

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said the plan named "blue whale", based on "Taobao guest" and "Taobao alliance" with’s "advertising alliance" launched. Previously, Taobao customers mainly through the introduction of features to customers, commission settings, so that more sellers to join the Taobao off and benefit, after 2009, Taobao can start to seek outside the station cooperation.

It is reported that

, the new Taobao alliance will not be limited to the previous "Taobao" form, and will consider Taobao’s advertising alliance with the object has not only refers to the time the network of individuals, the future will be with the major site of cooperation. Taobao alliance will consider the introduction of a number of forms, including commercial search, P4P, diamond booth, selling tyrants, etc., to further help small and medium-sized network owners and practitioners.

, according to Taobao internal data show that as of the end of 09, Taobao off the average daily Commission of up to 500 thousand, some of the outstanding small and medium-sized webmaster Taobao daily profit of up to several million. At present, this figure has doubled to 1 million per day.

Taobao said it hopes to achieve an average of 3 million per cent in the year, the total annual turnover of small and medium-sized webmaster and other partners will reach $1 billion.

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