24 of employers said tickets to sell to unsuspecting friends

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24 coupons currently liabilities of $60 million, the team after several layoffs storm, there are still more than 300 people. (TechWeb with


buy 24 shares of equity disputes and then lift the waves. Sell 24 tickets to the GroupNet news came quite strange.

recently, sources said, 24 coupons from Malaysia investors have to negotiate the sale of GroupNet under the Tencent investment. The latter is F and Peng merge in the two quarter of this year after the integration of the company. The merged company is managed by F group management.

GroupNet CEO lin ning confirmed the news. Lin Ning said that the 24 aspects of the bond has indeed been looking to negotiate the sale. Although the current 24 debt more debt, but also in a more negative brand image, but its operating team still has some value.

24 coupons from investors in Malaysia on behalf of KK, however, the first financial daily said that the management side did not know this, it will meet with other members of the board of directors to discuss the matter. Previously, KK had told reporters that the current liabilities of 24 yuan in the current 60 million yuan, the team after several layoffs after the storm, there are still more than 300 people.

24 coupons CEO Du Yinan told this newspaper that the sale of the current consideration of the 24 coupons, including GroupNet, including. But he also said that the formal merger can be performed only in all parties without the consent of the management team, there is no need to bypass the old shareholders of any form of merger or reorganization. In addition, he said, the friction between the management team and the old shareholders are rapidly recovering.

up to now, Tencent has not yet been on the acquisition rumors stand. Tencent holds approximately 30% stake in GroupNet.

currently, led by Du Yinan, the management team is in dispute with the management of equity. Du Yinan in recent days to take off as a bargaining chip to force the management side of its dialogue, and requires the management of the next round of financing, including himself, including the management of a total of 25% preferred shares. But employers think that according to the Convention, the financing preference shares only 3%, considering a new round of financing is introduced by Du Yinan ‘s, and team incentive problems, 10% of the preferred stock is not too small. The new round of financing mentioned above does not include strategic mergers and acquisitions.

analysis of the market that, with the capital market calm, as well as to buy the industry continues to widen the gap between the competition, mergers and acquisitions in the 5~10 position in the domestic buy a greater opportunity. Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that as long as the price is reasonable, mergers and acquisitions can be regarded as a rapid expansion of the competitiveness of the industry choice.


investors actively sell 24 bond F group or will be connected disk

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