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millet that statistics is any one owner must pay attention to and strictly implement the daily affairs, the only way you can return the whereabouts of funds and have a clear understanding, this is the objective basis to guide the next step of the plan, you can avoid subjective errors caused to a great extent. The so-called "close difference", this is the eternal teachings, regardless of the business are big and the small can not be ignored.

need to go to the statistics and analysis of the data include these aspects:

a, advertising effect

1, through train advertising

you need to understand is that on which products set up what keywords, bidding reached high, have brought much traffic, how the daily flow trend, the average number of clicks is a fee, the average number of clicks much cost can bring a turnover, the average number is transaction profit, how many times were to remain flat input and output.

Why do you want to analyze these

? This is what you use to determine which products can be cast, which will be the main reason for the loss of doubt. Time is your judgment in the train on how to make long-term delivery and adjust the product structure is really the basis, for statistical methods, except through several car in the background, but also for the manual supplement, there will be traffic, every day spent promotion baby, trading volume, turnover of the re statistics to a special form, the only way you can get the accurate information.

and in the carriage of ready-made statistical reference, just to provide you with some of the most intuitive, surface data, rather than the final most valuable data. You need to re design a EXCEL form. On the table behind millet design will be an example in details, then, how do you know baby from trading is through train? There are several methods for reference: one is to train the baby don’t participate in any other form of single product promotion, including promotion of independent auction activities. Two is a direct inquiry after the transaction is the customer through what channels to see the baby, put the display of several channels listed out to customers. The three is not to get involved in the train of the baby in the home show column treasurer recommended.

of course, such statistics can not be 100 percent accurate, there will be errors, but as long as their own strict implementation, the error will not be too large.

2, Ali mother ad

through the Ali Mama advertising background also see some visual and surface data, which mainly includes several points: the target site traffic and ad clicks, minus the cost of.

this data is also not directly linked with the sale, so you also need to design a form to record where advertising can bring what kind of effect. How can you know your traffic is from Ali mother advertising it is very simple, in the background of Ali mother in the process of advertising, in the set text or >

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