Talk about electricity supplier dead law how to make electricity supplier is not good

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2012 is a vertical electric grim year, Ma also said: "today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most people died in tomorrow night, only to see that the real heroes of the sun the day after tomorrow. Indeed, we can see if the dimension of cotton, poly products, Zun cool Yao, 100… I have been very difficult to count the past 2012 a total number of vertical electric layoffs, closed down. So why not better than vertical electric? This is actually a chain at the end of the tragedy caused by N. Vertical electricity supplier’s death law and what can you give us advice?

dead one: no money

is mainly a vertical electricity supplier with the formation of the user did not precipitate. Venture capital industry fund-raising difficulties, investment projects more and more cautious electricity providers, vertical electricity supplier less money, the promotion has become a problem, to promote a stop, traffic decline, there will be no natural order.

two: death was choked to death


is mainly on the risk of pre judgment. The financing ability of the electricity supplier, get a lot of money, want to put the opponent behind, so a hand to buy six, one hand to purchase, but the money quickly burned, some former investors cashed pen funds and investment because the market is not good not arrival, so, not like before continuing the play, they rush to reduce demand and inventory promotion, causing more and more unequal, inventory backlog, inventory turnover is out of order, the cost rate is higher and higher, the stock was choked to death.

dead method three: was a large platform copied dead

is a common method of death. To know oneself is a little grass root, not to melt too much money, a minor, but later found a large platform to do their own category, clients see the big platform, went to the platform to supply their own, the cost of the purchase of more and more high, the previous preferential also no longer exist. Supplier ran, it does not matter, the user also followed the run. The user why run? Platform in accordance with the scale of play, sales price lower than you, others category, to support the new category of mature category, the new category of gross margin than you low, users also do not run his bargain? The supplier has run, the user also ran, only to die himself.

2013, the vertical electric Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Dangdang and other platforms as their surviving Chan out of straw, low cost in order to get more traffic to delay life, and vertical electric business platform for cooperation, to open out the category. Think about 09 years, was touted by the wind: out of the Tao now, and now have come back to Taobao and other large platforms into the Amoy compared to really contradictory ah,

but to other settled platforms, also became a shop these big platform. Where is the future? It’s hard to see. A liquor electricity supplier brewmaster network and Dangdang split case. Thought that the package under the Dangdang liquor channels, they will be able to get traffic. In fact, this is wrong, the flow of a large platform is not open a hole can give you, but also to see each other’s attributes, whether the gene >

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