Ma Yun end of the year, said the company issued a huge red envelopes indefinitely postponed listing

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Alibaba board chairman Ma



technology news January 26th afternoon news, Alibaba group chairman of the board and CEO Ma this morning said in an internal e-mail, in order to ensure the rapid China e-commerce infrastructure, Alibaba subsidiaries of the group listing plan will be postponed indefinitely. At the same time, he said Alibaba group will issue a more generous red envelopes.

"I personally in the past year, the development of the group is basically satisfied, we are particularly for Alipay and Taobao’s progress has been appreciated," Ma said in the message, in the past year the Alibaba adhere to open, transparent, sharing, responsibility and the principle of "globalization, development of electronic commerce to China positive role".

Ma Yun pointed out that this year, the external environment more complex, but the overall development of the Alibaba is also good, but he also stressed that the complex changes in the external situation should not be to do good or bad excuse.

in the message, Ma once again remind employees that the development of e-commerce in China and Alibaba may not be good, but the development is not good, and Alibaba must have a relationship."

Ma Yun said that the next few years the group to strengthen the e-commerce infrastructure investment, to strengthen the logistics, data flow, small businesses and entrepreneurs such as the construction of financial support, in order to improve the ecological China system of e-commerce, so that more companies can use the lowest cost to complete the electronic commerce, enterprise transformation and upgrading.

is precisely based on the above reasons, Ma announced that it has decided to postpone the listing of the group’s subsidiary plans indefinitely".

addition, Ma Yun in the clear message that the Alibaba of the group in 2010 and annual bonus pay will be in reference to the 2009, and this year than in previous years to be more lucrative, but the bonus is not welfare, not everyone has, not everyone, division of Alibaba will be in accordance with the 271 principles of evaluation system.

also because of the rise in CPI and future price pressures on the lives of employees, Alibaba will give employees a raise, and tend to ordinary employees, M5 (Senior Director) above the same as last year, employees do not continue to raise wages.

Ma Yun also suggested that employees red envelopes used to buy gifts for their loved ones, mainly used in the consumption of Taobao to the hard work of the Taobao sellers have more opportunities, or donate part of the group to the love fund. Ma Yun expressed the hope that as long as the group’s performance is good, even if not listed, employees can get red envelopes.

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