On behalf of the operating giant accused of cheating 20 businesses were pit

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news December 1st, the day before, many sellers Taobao billion state power network to reflect, in eleven double preheating stage, the electricity generation operation by giant LUNYUAN electricity supplier to buy a batch of taobao.com internal resources, but the effect is poor, the conversion rate is very low, and in the preheated three days flow abnormality. So the seller who questioned LUNYUAN suspected of "brush flow".

rough approach, two days before the flow is very poor, we have to complain, and respect and respect for the treasure negotiations." Broke the seller said, the last day, two hours to a pile of traffic, are more than ten thousand or twenty thousand UV, the United States, Pakistan, IP, but there is no collection, no inquiry, no conversion. The next few days to contact the treasure respect will ignore, if the other home is even, the key is treasure respect, and the location is still Taobao station, really incredible."

the seller said that the double eleven preheat, they put a total of $30 thousand on the Taobao treasure, but did not change a single conversion. Because it is scouring the resources, in general, will be more accurate than other traffic, but not only a single transformation are not, and even the collection has not changed." There are many similar complaints, it is understood that this time the victim of the seller about 20.

according to the information provided by the seller, the main points of the flow in the following areas:

1, in the first two days before the entire double warm-up activities, the seller to get the total flow and sales are poor eleven. When businesses reflect the effect is not good, on the last day of November 10th is 14 PM -16 within two hours of intensive to a lot of traffic (from the data features, are relatively unusual traffic, such as residence time, collection, conversion, enquiry etc.).

can be seen from the three day visit, UV soared to nearly 10 thousand on the day of the number of 10, but only a collection of

2, because each buy different resources, usually the flow distribution is not exactly the same, but at this time the number of traffic flow into several businesses, almost no difference even as like as two peas.


merchant traffic into the time, the number is almost exactly the same as

3, the day of real-time traffic can see a lot of foreign IP, which does not meet the basic characteristics of the internal flow of Taobao, especially in the gold coins below the resources, it is unlikely to have so much foreign traffic.

(real-time traffic in a large number of foreign IP)

but the seller to reflect the state power grid, this time to buy eleven double preheating activities of resource, and not by LUNYUAN official channels, but with a Shanghai infosci Advertising Company Limited signed a contract.

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