Think about what the future of Taobao’s selling point

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recent webmaster forums and groups are discussed in the Baidu K station and how to deal with the next. When we blame others for introspection, your site is not really needed by the user, or just to satisfy your search engine and let the flow of cash. We should understand that the site is not just to do the spider look, content and user experience is the most important.

I believe there are a lot of people like me and do not have to run off the Taobao K station event, I have complained, but also need to think about it, then talk about my own ideas.

why do we do Taobao guest?

a lot of people contact Taobao customer is sure to make money, do not need to purchase goods like Taobao shop, do not need when customer service, only need to promote their products out to get the Commission, seems to be the zero threshold of the industry. In fact, there are a lot of people on the Internet or Taobao know very shallow, they see the bright future and forget the twists and turns of the road, often with an idealistic color.


and some Adsense exchange, it is not difficult to find common Taobao customers site is still API and single page mode, as well as the imitation of social shopping guide, beautiful, often is because I want to make Taobao customers so the site promotion, around the Taobao customer website. So the first thing is to ask ourselves why people want to come to your website? Don’t API your website data can be greater than Taobao; secondly to ask myself what I can provide for others? In addition to product information can provide valuable and what others need something; once again asked what is worth others come to your website? What is the difference between the site and others, what are the advantages.

what do we do for Taobao


no matter in what way, what type of Taobao guest website, first of all to provide valuable things. A Taobao off the site, it was said that my selling point is the commodity, it was said that my selling point is the content, more people will say that my selling point is personality, but I want to say is that our website is the biggest selling point of service. Yes, I think the site of such a platform like a restaurant or a clothing store, you not only provide products, is not only a consumer space, if you can provide customers with professional and consumer advice, you sell is healthy and nutritious meal guide, you sell clothing is reasonable collocation. So I think the website is a service industry, we are selling services, earn back. So we have to provide differentiated services, to retain users, to allow users to like to your site, and friends are willing to share your site.

1, vertical subdivision: do any website, especially Taobao guest site, we want to subdivide, product segmentation, regional segmentation, functional segmentation, etc.. Start small, focus and deep, you will feel small and beautiful.

find out what you are familiar with and interested in, for example, I am interested in toys, so I can make toys

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