Analysts said eBay should acquire Groupon and release its potential value

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technology news (Zhong Tao) July 31st Beijing time news, foreign media on Monday published a review article said, eBay in the successful implementation of a "stage a comeback", should consider a purchase request to the group purchase website Groupon, while the release of Groupon has not been the real value of mining potential market.

below is the full text of the article:

CEO John · in eBay (John Donahoe) under the leadership of the success of the company’s recent market performance is quite good. Since the beginning of this year, eBay shares rose by about 50%. At the same time, Groupon share price has shrunk by 2/3.

so we might put forward a suggestion: after successfully led eBay to stage a comeback, Donaho should consider the acquisition of Groupon, and the Groupon of the business growth potential.

for the long-term development of Groupon, the industry has a lot of pessimism. However, Groupon has established a good cooperative relationship with many local businesses worldwide, and the potential value of this relationship has not been fully exploited.

in addition to group buying services, Groupon also launched a customer retention, sales locations and other services for businesses, and may launch its own payment services. The network payment services, in fact, is the eBay’s Paypal payment department strengths.

although eBay and Groupon overlap in the field of business is not much, but the small business services carried out by eBay, the company’s business with Groupon overlap will become more and more obvious. On the other hand, Groupon also opened the Goods e-commerce services. In theory, the service will compete with the eBay online auction business for many years to provide the market. In addition, eBay’s old rival Amason has invested in the United States to buy the second largest site LivingSocial.

before the Groupon is not listed, the company had rejected Google (micro-blog) proposed $6 billion acquisition request. Today, Groupon is a listed company, under pressure from the investment market, if the eBay issued a request to the Groupon acquisition, Groupon should not be easily rejected.

for eBay, due to its current share price performance is good, and therefore have the ability to issue a request to the Groupon. Although there are still such a small problem, but Groupon and many small businesses to establish a good relationship of cooperation, but it is difficult to be copied later. From this perspective, the acquisition of Groupon eBay, just like eBay ten years ago, the acquisition of Paypal, will eventually bring greater success to eBay.