Double 11 founder Zhang Yong Ali to eight years crossed the itch

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Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong

Sina Technology Zhang Jun

Hongkong October 21, 2016, super typhoon "hippocampus" strikes, storm, Hongkong street shops closed, few pedestrians.


in Tmall 2016 double 11 launch day media, ushered in the departure fully cancel. For Tmall, the typhoon is fabulous, Hongkong compatriots spent in shopping in Tmall." One can not go out because of the choice of the brush Tmall media counterparts half jokingly said.

history may always be similar. In the spring of 2003, SARS raged, and the economy entered an unprecedented winter. And Taobao was born at this time, and homeopathy grow.

but even if there is God help, has gone to the eighth year of the double 11 also face the outside world innovation fatigue, slowdown, overdraft consumption and other questioned. Last year after the first attempt to rival party form and also follow up, 11 can play out what new tricks? Chinese business overall transaction volume growth for three consecutive years of decline, 91 billion 200 million yuan last year, this year there is much room for growth? The pursuit of trading platforms and businesses, consumer digital impulse spending brought what


and 2015 double 11 "seven year itch" the wind of public opinion seems to be exactly the same, but after Ali went to eighth years in the 11 question that must be answered.

In 2015,

and founder of double 11 just took CEO Zhang Yong, seems to have the answers: "Ali has been able to come today, because we have a dream and I dare to enterprises, as CEO is to dare to dream."


had smiled and said Ma was "push to hell" CEO last year has surrendered his answer.

both the Hangzhou Beijing double home court open globalization, or for the first time by the party will form shopping and entertainment combined, or mass customization operation deep consumption ability, let double 11 from the theme to the content into a new stage.

and the final transaction hit the highest point of 91 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 59.7%, or even exceeded the 2014 growth rate of 58.6%.

actually, for Ali, double 11 is no longer a discount shopping festival. Zhang Yong is more willing to position it as a carnival. Compared with shopping, he is more willing to see double 11 become a way of life.

it’s hard for Zhang Yong to get involved in the carnival. Although every year in 11, but he was late at night and more experience, technical team struggling to work together, and when found to buy goods has no inventory. 2011 double 11 encounter midnight cry, problems of zero inventory system, and he even stayed up all night repair team.

a year, grab a headset, he became the "