Jingdong recharge platform vulnerabilities netizens said the police received a phone call

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Beijing News (reporter He Guang Liu Xia) yesterday, the Jingdong mall confirmed its recharge platform loopholes on the evening of October 30th, causing the user to exploit the vulnerability of taking calls. Jingdong said that the current platform vulnerabilities have been repaired, the specific loss is still in the investigation, will retain the right to pursue legal responsibility for malicious orders.

The emergence of major flaw

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yesterday, there are users in the micro-blog forum, broke the news, said the evening of 30 22:30-23:40, the Jingdong recharge platform (vulnerability), BUG appeared that Jingdong launched recharge activities in the above period, charge calls, etc. will not be deducted points Q coins, users can free unlimited recharge.

it is understood that the integral redemption is a new business Jingdong day on the line, can use the points for the mobile phone, game cards, Q coins recharge, 1-10 minutes of arrival. In the past, only the exchange of coupons for Jingdong.

recharge platform appeared during the BUG, many users found this vulnerability information, as well as the initiative to spread on the forum. A large part of the user to recharge the thousand yuan coins and calls. According to friends, said someone was using the vulnerability recharge 360 thousand yuan calls, Jingdong losses will reach 200 million.

about 22:30 or so, when someone passed on the brush 360 thousand, the screenshot of the recharge page up to more than and 80 pages. Some people call me charge, my first feeling is certainly illegal, did not get." Netizen He Gangqiang from a shopping QQ group has been the emergence of Jingdong mall loophole news, however, he chose to brush the money on the occasion of the crowd, decisively shut the computer to sleep".

The reporter saw in the

users mentioned in the screenshots, one page screenshots show China Mobile (micro-blog), mobile phone recharge time is October 30th, about 23:18, each record behind the show recharge success, each recharge amount is 50 yuan, and the minimum interval of recharge time is only 8 seconds. Another for a user at 22:52 malicious recharge page, page eightieth page display. He Gangqiang said, QQ group rumors, the user successfully recharge 360 thousand yuan.

Jingdong is willing to negotiate with the user to solve

yesterday, Jingdong public relations official confirmed that the Jingdong recharge platform indeed there have been major loopholes, but the vulnerability was fixed in one hour, and the loss of 200 million yuan is a rumor.

, in fact, this platform just on the line, the flow is not large, there is no 200 million said." Jingdong insiders said the specific situation is still under investigation.

, the first time to know that the repair has been normal." The source said, the company will pay attention to this aspect of the regulatory process. He also said that the company’s legal, technical, business departments are involved in the investigation, but yesterday can not get the final results.

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