nstall a App do a B2B to do something practical to the countryside!

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Wen / Kang Meng

hunger breeds discontentment, continuous development of the most basic human survival needs to rely on agriculture to meet. As the world’s second largest population, agriculture occupies an extremely important position in China’s national economy. However, in the process of rapid and distorted development of Chinese style, China’s agricultural problems increasingly prominent. The food safety problem of agricultural products, a large number of unmarketable problems appear frequently, only the agricultural management level upgrading to support food consumer upgrades.

want to solve these problems with the traditional Internet in the past, sitting in the office to analyze the user’s psychology, the development of App, advertising subsidies do do installed in the 123 cities to push…… In agriculture, these are "out of date" methods. To solve the problems of agriculture need to have the real channel sink to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers in the rural areas, and the business model and management method of the slightest mistake, the company’s future is likely to be a huge human cost swallow (except for a single brush, but also will not make money scalping).

real agricultural upgrade will be a tough battle with a sense of mission, with a good conscience and hard to fully prepared for battle, then the office of the sun and the afternoon coffee


first, the basic problems of agricultural cultivation, the source of

the status of China’s agriculture, we talked about a lot of times but have to sum up. Planting industry, for example, the root cause can be attributed to the following three aspects:

1 per capita arable land is not scientific, the future may not be enough to eat

"cultivated land resources are decreasing, at present, China’s per capita arable land area of only 1.2 acres, east of densely populated areas on average in less than 3 minutes, the per capita arable land area of only 10% of the United States, France 25%, Canada 4.8%, Australia 3%,. And now the arable land resources are still continuing to reduce."

this requires us to grow to meet the needs of their own domestic population of safe agricultural products with less farm land, if we hope to export get more profit, it needs to have the food traceability system, scientific and reasonable planting scheme perfect.

2 soil quality worrying, which is the source of food safety problems

"serious pollution, serious loss of trace elements, 21% of China’s arable land is lack of organic matter, the lack of phosphorus in the 51.5%, the lack of potassium in the 24%, the lack of phosphorus and potassium in 14%."

The main reason of

caused the problem in the process of fertilizer did not improve the channels to obtain professional technical guidance in the usage of farmers, even more mercenary agricultural dealers will be mixed with inferior quality pesticides sold to farmers, farmers once applied, land will be subject to serious pollution, and soil improvement cycle need at least 5 years


3 peasant labor shortage, "agricultural industrialization" slogan is reasonable

"the farming population less.