Net ASP PHP and other process outsourcing cooperation

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whether you want to develop portal or OA CRM, or even online games, mobile games, ERP. We will be very responsible to tell you that we can do!


different users in the web application functional requirements will be different, a lot of sharing or public sale site often can not meet user needs to use and manage, only according to their own needs to make a personalized website program to the site after the operation brings good results. We provide customized procedures and modify the service is based on the specific circumstances of the user, the specific requirements of the corresponding web site design procedures to provide the appropriate services.


service scope: all kinds of ASPX website program customization; all kinds of ASPX program modification, for your original site to add new features.


service process: the need to get in touch with us first, discuss the functions of the program, the price and the development cycle, related matters must be paid in advance after the determination of making price 30% to 30% as a deposit; after receipt of deposit, we began the program development; program development is completed, uploaded to my server, by the user trial by acceptance; after acceptance, the user must immediately pay the balance, our way through the Email program, will be sent to the user.

service price: according to the required function of strength, difficulty, complexity, workload and etc..

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