China bought the movie domain name

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Following the on-line three days after the mysterious angel investment favored, the internet lab’s Film China website recently reported new news, weighing gold purchased new domain name (

days before, the author from the movie China official was informed that, for the sake of users in concept, to create "film based MySpace", in the movie China purchased the domain name, has officially opened yesterday.

"movie China just two weeks of release, it has been widely acclaimed by many friends and Internet movie. Of course, there are a lot of users to reflect the domain name is too long, not easy to remember and use Chinese ordinary Internet users. Based on this consideration, the Internet Lab around looking, and finally bought a new domain name. It should be said that this is one of the ideal domain names of Chinese film website. Because the film’s goal is not only a single user of professional film enthusiasts, but more importantly, the public. Therefore, our domain name must also be more popular, more conducive to communication." The site’s project mentor Fang Xingdong, on the purchase of a new domain name on the motives and purpose.

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