Fujian women open shop selling fake brand shoes were sentenced to 3 years

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According to Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou, May

2, a defendant in Fujian "taobao.com" set up shop, selling fake "CONVERSE" brand shoes, socks, involving more than 67 yuan, recently Fuzhou Gulou District court verdict, the defendant Lin guilty of the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks, sentenced 3 years in prison and fined 200 thousand yuan.

court found that since February 2008, the defendant Lin together with Hwang (dealt with) the owner of the trademark unauthorized case, CONVERSE stores in the open universe "taobao.com", by Huang is responsible for the purchase, the defendant Lin is responsible for sales and after-sales service, sales of a large number of fake CONVERSE all kinds of brand shoes.

in July 2008, the Department of industry and Commerce in the defendant Lin rented is located in Fuzhou District of Cangshan city to build a new town houses, seized their preparations for the sale of counterfeit CONVERSE brand shoes, a total of 1182 pairs, 3480 pairs of socks. After identification, these 1182 pairs of shoes are counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, a total value of RMB 111 thousand yuan. February 2008 to be seized during the defendant Lin sales of counterfeit CONVERSE registered trademark of the total amount of shoes amounted to 678 thousand yuan.

according to Lin explained that the sale of counterfeit CONVERSE shoes in the market price is generally around 90 yuan per pair, selling well, she did not know that such acts constitute a crime.

January 2011, the defendant Lin was arrested police. The court held that the defendant Lin knowingly selling counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, the amount of the amount of sales has been huge, his behavior constituted the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks of goods, then make the decision in accordance with the law.