Full of hundred thousand less then 418 color TV fanquan Gome online on the real thing

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following the air conditioning, the computer lying prone, ice wash after lying, the United States online 418 TV hit a strong attack. April 9th, Gome online launched 4 anniversary TV over 0 storm, Hisense, SONY, Konka, cool, Samsung and other big TV popularity explosion anniversary special freezing, and full of hundred thousand less area of the highest purchase over 2000 yuan 2000 yuan, the highest return 200 yuan can buy the TV blue coupons, the cash tickets are available for the purchase of TV set deduct the cash price equivalent to 50 percent off discount.


50 inch cool open TV 2799418 low explosive chemicals without closing

418 United States online TV big lie, gathered 32 inches to 65 inches above the type of big popularity explosion of color TV, watch the whole network lowest price. The hottest explosion of color TV, the price of the carnival, immediately stop, presumptuous purchase. Cool open 50 inches Full HD LED LCD TV intelligent low to 2799 yuan, the whole network intelligent TV is the most cost-effective design, exquisite workmanship, superior performance configuration, high quality, rich entertainment vividly presented; 2499 yuan LG TV 43 inch ultra-thin LED LCD TV, and lucky coin pattern design, full HD resolution of closely watched also outstanding performance. SANYO 32 inches LED TV, high cost of $1299, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and Canada

SANYO 42 inch high-definition TV 1988 popular king Manqian minus 100

In addition to the

category popularity explosion models boutique sale "benefits", but also the convergence of a variety of activities in full minus one hundred thousand popularity explosion products. SANYO color TV 42 inch Full HD LED LCD TV annual price of only 1988, Rui Li Zhen cause of fine quality, unique entertainment mode, so you can enjoy the sound quality whenever and wherever possible and optimal; $5599 Hisense 50 inch 4K ultra high-definition smart TV, the top ten core processor configuration, a massive video resources easy search, you want to enjoy 2799 yuan; Haier 42 inch TV network, built-in control system WIFI network TV voice, for you to create a top double high-definition Blu ray


red 4180 yuan special service to try their luck in wanton purchase of


April 4th, Gome online in each category coming out on special, but also for consumers free delivery of 418 yuan, 4180 yuan of two cash envelopes and massive appliances coupons, the total value of nearly 4 billion yuan. April 4th – April 15th, 10:00-23:00 open every day 418 grab red activities. During the period of 418 yuan, 4180 yuan red free big run, 418 yuan a red envelope 5 minutes refresh time 30 minutes 4180 yuan red envelopes each refresh time, only open for 5 minutes. Users to participate in the end of the game to enjoy the opportunity to grab 3 red envelopes, grab the opportunity to run out of red envelopes, as well as the opportunity to grab the opportunity to help the, WeChat, respectively, through the help of 3 WeChat red envelopes.

began at 0 on April 16th, the audience of $1 million commodity >

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